Fun Things to Do at Rock Island State Park with Your Family

Rock Island State Park - Photo by Jorge Vidal from Google Maps

Rock Island State Park is an 883-acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers.

It is known as one of the most beautiful parks in Tennessee with its stunning and exciting offers.

This is the kind of park that'll occupy your entire time during your holiday season. The amount of great places nearby and in this park are all you need for your vacation.

Rock Island State Park, Blue Hole Trail, Great Falls Dam, and Spring Castle are easily accessible in the park. Get ready to be in awe!

To take this journey to a maximum experience, stay over night and camp here. There are many facilities available for camping.

When it's time for dining, Foglight Foodhouse and The Landing are ready to be your dining destinations.

Complete your trip at the park by spending some time at the best nearby souvenir shops. The Lazy Daisy and The Rustic Touch are some of the best ones.



Rock Island State Park in Tennessee is that kind of attraction that'll occupy your entire time during your holiday season. The amount of great places near this park is ready to make your journey an unforgettable one.

Take a look at Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens, a stunning tourist attraction that represents the local history beautifully. With its elegant self, this place allows you to explore its wondrous surrounding with maximum excitement. From the interesting history, the charming gardens, beautiful ground, lovely fountains, gorgeous sculptures, to the historic mansion itself. This place is absolutely highly recommended.

In the Rock Island State Park itself, you are still going to spend your time doing many explorations. Exciting spots are ready to explore. The wonderful Twin Falls is just one of them. This hiking area is popularly known for its stunning twin waterfalls that'll totally bring you to the adventure mood. The fact this place is reachable in the park makes it even more exciting to discover. Breath its wonderful fresh air and don't forget to capture the moment.

Falcon Rest Mansion & Gardens

If you love history or are just looking for something inspirational, highly recommend visiting this fanatic property.

It is a full tour and you get to enjoy each room and full stories of the history and occupants.

They have done a beautiful job restoring the home from its years of abuse.

You can choose what time and where breakfast is to be served.

It's truly a hidden gem in Middle Tennessee.

Address : 2645 Faulkner Springs Rd, McMinnville, TN 37110, USA

Twin Falls

A beautiful location with plenty to see and to do.

Easy to walk with some more challenging side trails to waterfalls and such.

The trails are well maintained and clearly marked.

Beautiful scenes all around you and easy to keep up with your location.

If you are adventurous, recommend climbing over the rocks and experiencing the falls up close.

Address : Rock Island, TN 38581, USA


Rock Island State Park in Tennessee clearly won't spare you once you are here. Amazing spots are literally everywhere in this park that are ready to take your adventurous self to another level of excitement. As a true adventurer, this is such a treatment to your trip.

Blue Hole Trail, Great Falls Dam, Collins River Nature Trail: Hiking & Mountain Biking Trailhead, Spring Castle are some of the best spots in this park. Each spot has its own specialty, whether its history, beautiful surrounding, gorgeous visual, to its popularity. You just have to get ready and be prepared to do many explorations.

Apart from all these spots, Rock Island State Park in Tennessee also lets do many cool outdoor activities. From boating, swimming, hiking, picnicking, fishing, to birding.

Collins River Nature Trail: Hiking & Mountain Biking Trailhead

This is a fairly easy, well-marked trail.

The wildflowers were beautiful, plus it's mostly shaded.

Nice trail that connects some great scenery.

Address : Unnamed Road, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA

Great Falls Dam

Absolutely magnificent place and awesome to enjoy nature.

A lot history in this area, get out and explore.

Beautiful water and sounds with whirlpools must see.

The staff is great and the views are very special.

Address : 920 Great Falls Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA

Blue Hole Trail

If you're a nature lover then you will love this trail.

Super fun trail up and down and the waterfalls are astonishing!

The trail is close to the water so it is super nice and great water features.

Bring a bag for your camera if you do explore the cliffside.

This is definitely a great stop if your exploring the waterfalls in the area.

Address : Rock Island, TN 38581, USA

Spring Castle

Pretty neat peice of history located inside Rock Island park.

Great to swim, fish, have fun with the family.

Also has views of waterfalls across the street

Plenty of people rock jumping into the water.

Address : 1080-1278 Great Falls Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA


Camping Rock Island State Park in Tennessee would be a good idea for you. As the park provides facilities for camping, you can take this trip to another level by stay over night and know more about the park.

The has 2 campgrounds with 20 campsites available year-round. One of the campgrounds is Rock Island Tent Camping Sites. The main campground has 50 sites that accommodated RVs and trailers. Each site is completed with 20, 30, 50-amp electrical and water hookups, charcoal grill, fire ring, lantern hanger, and picnic table. You can also enjoy other facilities like two bathhouses with hot showers, accessible restrooms, a dump station at the far end of the campground, Wi-Fi, a picnic pavilion, and playgrounds.

If you need recommendation for cabins, the park also has Cabins at Rock Island State Park as one of its cabins. This will definitely bring the best out of you.

Rock Island Tent Camping Sites

Really neat camping spot with a restroom close by and water.

Campground is quiet, bathroom is very clean.

Address : 82 Beach Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA

Cabins at Rock Island State Park

This is a nice place to stay with a group if you enjoy the outdoors.

Ceiling fans in every room and the kitchen has all the necessities.

Very peaceful environment, lots of outdoor activities for people who enjoy being outdoors.

It is very clean and very functional and very cheap

Address : Beach Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA


Making this park a safe destination for everyone is very important. To contribute in making it so, please always know the park's rule, leave no trash and fire behind, know the water's condition if you're planning in swimming, and avoid swimming at spots like powerhouse, Twin Falls, and Blue Hole due to its hidden and deadly current.

Keeping up with the latest health protocols, it's also an important act one can do to always practice hand washing/sanitizing, mask wearing, and social distancing. This is the least we can do to make us free from this unwanted pandemic.


Some of the best months to travel to Rock Island State Park Tennessee are August, September, and October. One of the best things about this park is it holds many yearly event for its visitors. This is how the park attracts people to get involve and know more about the park.

Get ready to have the best holiday season ever, plan your trip, pack all of your travel essentials, bring your loved ones, and have a wonderful adventure here!


Staying at the hotels near Rock Island State Park doesn't have to be expensive. For a good cost, you can make Americas Best Value Inn McMinnville as one of your options. This 2-star hotel is located 22-minute drive from the park and it's ready to be your comfortable resting place. The hotel has casual rooms fully equipped, free breakfast and parking, a seasonal outdoor pool, a business center, an exercise room, and more.

You can also let Scottish Inns McMinnville, TN to be your host for your trip in the area. As a 2-star hotel, it offers exciting location, laid-back rooms comfortably set with free Wi-Fi, cable TVs and coffee makers. Air conditioning and free parking are also available here.

Americas Best Value Inn McMinnville

Clean and quiet property to stay in the great location.

The rooms are big with all amenities.

Free breakfast and easy check out.

The staff are friendly and have ample parking areas.

Address : 508 Sunny Side Heights, McMinnville, TN 37110, USA

Scottish Inns McMinnville, TN

If you are looking for a comfortable place at an affordable price, this is your place.

Provide complete and decent facilities.

Providing rooms with soft mattresses and other facilities.

The staff is also very kind and it has quite a large parking area.

Address : 1105 Sparta St, McMinnville, TN 37110, USA


When it's time for dining, Foglight Foodhouse can be your first great stop. Located only 6.3 km from the park, this Canjun restaurant is known for serving Creole inspired dishes. One of the its signatures is the popular Jambalaya. While there is a patio, the restaurant itself is set with Southern styles, adding uniqueness to it.

For another good recommendation, you can head to The Landing and see it yourself why it is among the best. This American restaurant located 9-minute drive from the park and it many American specials including burgers and seafood like catfish. With its casual setting space, this restaurant is handled by knowledgeable and caring people.

Foglight Foodhouse

One of the best restaurants in Tennessee.

The food is scrumptious and the service is top notch.

They have phenomenal pecan crusted catfish with mashed potatoes and cajun corn.

They have some unusual dishes that are absolutely delicious, local beer is delicious as well.

Great for a special night out, or a fabulous meal after hiking the gorge.

Address : 275 Power House Rd, Walling, TN 38587, USA

The Landing Tennessee

This is the best place to have breakfast and lunch with your whole family in sizable portions.

They offer homemade pies, burgers, seafood, breakfast, best pizza.

They have best catfish around, juicy burger as well.

Everyone is always friendly and make you feel welcome.

Address : 868 Seamons Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA


To complete your trip at Rock Island State Park Tennessee, pay a visit at some of the best gift shops nearby. Located only 3.5 km from the park, The Lazy Daisy is a great shop for everything classic and handmade. Whether it's basket, home decoration, pots, glasses, flowers, to sculpted animals. Definitely a must visit.

The Rustic Touch can also be your next option, another nearest gift shop. If you love anything antique, this store is totally the right place for you. This antique store has a great selection of great quality of antiques like sculptures, home furniture, lamps, and much more. The attentive staff will accompany your shopping experience here.

The Lazy Daisy

Unique little store with a variety of antiques and crafts.

Lots of cute collectibles and affordably priced.

Antiques, crafts, furniture, clothes, food, books, etc.

The turnover of wares happens frequently so there is always fresh merchandise.

Customer service and owner in this shop are awesome.

Address : 96 Great Falls Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA

The Rustic Touch

This is a quirky little shop stocking beautiful antiques and items.

They have a variety of wonderful items to chose from, pretty unusual clothing pieces, jewelry and so much more.

Their unique truly rustic items and decor set up is an awesome site to see.

Everything is arranged very neatly, making it easier for you to choose and buy.

All the shop attendants are also very pleasant and friendly.

Address : 961 Rock Island Rd, Rock Island, TN 38581, USA