Things to Do in Cable Beach

Cable Beach, Aus - Photo by Nachoman-au from Wikimedia Commons

Cable Beach is a 22-kilometers beach in Broome, Western Australia that offers a beautiful beach holiday with sun-kissed white sand and clear turquoise ocean.

One of the popular things to do on Cable Beach is camel riding tour in sunsets.

Enjoy a one-day trip holiday or stay at one of the resorts near Cable Beach.

To have the best view of sunset, head to Gantheaume Point.

If you finish exploring the beach activities offered by Cable Beach, now you can head to Courthouse Markets.



Need an escape from your busy life? Plan a memorable one-day trip to Cable Beach, Australia. Cable Beach is perfect for every type of beachgoer. This beach is perfect for those who are seeking for a breathtaking ocean and greenery.

You can start your one-day trip plan by taking a good plate of breakfast at Bali Hai Cafe. This cafe is only located minutes away from the beach. Once you arrive at the beach, you will be amazed by the pristine view of the beach. There’s many things to do and explore on this long shoreline beach. One of the most popular things to do here is camel riding. You can book for a camel ride offered along the beach shoreline and they will take you touring around the beach's panoramic surrounding. Here, you can also enjoy kayaking, surfing, and jet skiing. Choose what you really want to do it here.

To have the best view of a sunset, head to Gantheaume Point. It's actually a red rock cliff face that serves the overlooking view of the pristine turquoise waters of the ocean. Do remember to take good pictures as memories. If you finish exploring the beach activities, now you can head to Courthouse Markets. It is a Saturday morning local market. Here you can find numerous interesting local arts ad crafts. You can buy some beach-themed items to bring back home as souvenirs. So, are you ready for your one-day trip to Cable Beach?

Gantheaume Point

This spot provides wonderful pictures opportunities and water play activities.

Address : Gantheaume Point Rd, Broome WA 6725, Australia

Red Sun Camels - Camel Rides

Stunning place to enjoy and ride camels with epic sunset views.

Address : Cable Beach WA 6725, Australia

Bali Hai Cafe

Offering modern Australian food with some Asian twist made with fresh produce and other high-quality ingredients.

Address : 6 Murray Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

Broome Courthouse Markets

Spacious markets with a diverse range of crafts, arts, fresh food and jewellery.

Address : 8 Hamersley St, Broome WA 6725, Australia


Explore the best things to do in Cable Beach for free. The best thing you can do here for free is actually enjoying the view from the beach shoreline. Take a walk on the soft sand tickling your bare feet with the background of rolling waves. This beautiful beach offers the most beautiful view of the expansive sandy beaches.


Cable Beach is safe for swimming only in tourist season. It's around the month of June. During the wet seasons, it could be a bit risky to swim here. There are some lifeguards on duty here to make sure of your safety. Also, please obey the social distancing during your visit here. If you come in-grup, make sure you don't extend the limit of 10 people.


As part of Australia's North West, the weather around Cable Beach are is mostly dry. It is best to visit around June to July as it is usually the lowest temperatures in the year. Note also that it is the tourist season of the beach.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy the beauty of Cable Beach. Kayaking is one of the popular beach activities here. Around the beach shoreline, you can find a number of kayak rentals. Broome Adventure Company - Turtle Kayak offers the amazing adventure of paddling adventures. During your exploration, you can enjoy the stunning view of the turquoise ocean in Broome's coastline. If you are lucky enough, you can spot a turtle here. So, book for a ride now!

Broome Adventure Company - Turtle Kayak

Experience the natural wonders of Broome’s coastline on a paddle adventure.

Address : 158 Reid Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia


You can visit Cable Beach for a day trip or stay at the resort near the beach. If are planning to stay longer here, you can complete your plan trip by booking the most comfortable place to stay here. Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa can be one of the best options here. It is an elegant hotel that offers a variety of cozy rooms to sta. From studio to villa, it's all here. In every room of the hotel, they feature colonial or Asian decor to choose. From your hotel window, you will be served with an amazing view of the beachfront. For amenities, two casual cafes, restaurants, a spa, and also pools are available here.

But, if you are looking for a cheaper stay around Cable Beach, Seashells Broome is definitely for you. This low-rise resort is just 7 minutes walk from Cable Beach. Every room of the resort is decored in a high-end timber setting. You can choose a room with one or two-bedroom apartment. During your stay here, you will be provided by limited free Wifi, kitchen, and balcony in your room. For amenities, you can enjoy the outdoor pool with an island and also a play area.

Seashells Broome

Laid-back lodging with airy apartments and bungalows, plus 2 outdoor pools and BBQ facilities.

Address : 4/6 Challenor Dr, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa

Sophisticated retreat with chic lodging and dining, plus an upscale spa and a meditation garden.

Address : 1 Cable Beach Rd W, Broome WA 6725, Australia


After spending your time on Cable Beach, you should fill up your hungry stomach with some good food. You don’t have to go far to get a good food here. Just around the beach area, you can find Zanders at Cable Beach. It's a modern restaurant that offers some Australian cuisines and cocktails on their menu. They have a cozy dining venue with a terrace setting, so you can enjoy your dining with a beach view. But if are looking for a good spot for breakfast, Bali Hai Cafe is definitely for you. Here they serve some good Australian dishes with some Asian touch. They have a contemporary setting with a cozy vibe filling the air. You can choose to dine on their patio or inside. The relaxed setting of the restaurant will make your dining time comfortable.

Bali Hai Cafe

Offering modern Australian food with some Asian twist made with fresh produce and other high-quality ingredients.

Address : 6 Murray Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia

Zanders at Cable Beach

Brekkie, Modern Australian dishes and cocktails, served in a breezy setting with views of the water.

Address : Cable Beach Rd W, Broome WA 6725, Australia


Wrap up your trip by having drinks at TAPT Wine Bar. It is a modern tapas bar with a warm venue located around Cable Beach. This bar offers you the drinking pleasure with extensive wine selections. They also serve some good menu of Australian and seafood dishes to complete your time here. This bar is a perfect place to chill with good foods and drinks.

TAPT Wine Bar

A 5-star restaurant in a laid back setting offers extensive wine list.

Address : 4 Sanctuary Rd, Cable Beach WA 6726, Australia