Interesting Things to Do in Coki Beach

Coki Beach - Photo by Andy Blackledge from Flickr

Coki Beach is a beach on the island Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands famous for its great waves.

The beach features clean, white sand as well as pristine water

The most popular activities to do here are swimming and snorkeling

There are a lot of vendors near the beach where you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas

Under the water, you will be able to see a lot of marine life as well as corals



Welcome to Coki Beach! This beach with its white, clean sand and extra-ordinary panoramic view offers so many spots nearby that you could visit before you go home. Don’t worry, we have picked the best places you could go around here.

The first is obviously the beach itself. Mind you, the beach is extra picturesque so you may want to capture a few photos of it before you go swimming. The water is clear and calm, with rocky reef areas under the water.

Then, you must go to Coral World Ocean Park, which is only 2 minutes away by walking from the main beach area. If you look at the map, you will see that the Coral World Ocean Park is located at the east end of Virgin Island. In this place, you could explore coral reefs, marine life, and many more things related to the ocean! They also have programs which you could sign up for, allowing you to take a closer look and guided tour around the aquariums!

Coral World Ocean Park

Absolutely outstanding aquarium park.

They also have a "Swim With Dolphins" exhibit where you can swim with Ping.

They will provide you helmet with oxygen supply.

The staff are all so very friendly and answer all of questions about the animals.

Address : 6450 Coki Point, St Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802, USVI

Coki Point Beach

Nice, small beach, soft, fine white sands, clear water, some coral.

And interesting variety of sea life, especially near the rocks, good snorkeling site.

The people working the beach are very nice and helpful.

Address : Coki Point Rd, St Thomas, 00802, USVI


The most popular activity here is to snorkeling and swimming. If you’re planning to snorkel for free, then you must bring your own snorkeling gear. You will see that many people just plain chilling on the beach. It’s safe to say that it’s quite hard to not to spend any money here, because you will also find vendors who are renting beach umbrellas and chairs. The safest way to save money here is to bring everything yourself!


During this time of pandemic, people are expected to follow social distancing rules and wear mask unless it’s necessary to take it off. The water is rather calm so there’s not much to worry if you’re going to snorkel or swim at the beach.


The best time to visit Coki Beach in Virgin Island is from April to June, when the weather is rather mild and the chance of raining is low.


Want to snorkel under Coki Beach water? Go rent your snorkeling equipment at Coki Dive Center? They are very well stocked on the beach and snorkeling gears and the staffs are very attentive and accommodating to your needs. Even if you’re a beginner, they will be ready to help you out! They also have 3 days diving courses that will get you a diving certificate.

Coki Dive Center

Beautiful water and great spot to go, highly recommend.

The dive itself is amazing and it is a highlight of the trip.

Very friendly staff and willing to do anything to accommodate you.

Address : 6406 Coki Point, St Thomas, VI 00802, USVI


Need a place to stay overnight near Coki Beach? We have picked two best hotels and resorts that you should check out. The first one is Sapphire Beach Condominium Resort. This resort is located 8 minutes away from Coki Beach by driving. This resort is overlooking the ocean and has decent amenities such as full kitchen, TV cable, private balconies, and water sports center. This place is very fitting for you who wants to stay near the beach but don’t want to spend too much money on hotels!

Our second pick for you is Pavilions and Pools Villa Hotel. This hotel is located only 6 minutes away from Coki Beach by driving. This hotel is popular for couples, as they offer intimate and affordable stay whether it’s for honeymoon, anniversary, or any other romantic occasion. They also have a swimming pool that you can use. Emphasizing on tranquillity and privacy, each villa suites are equipped with fence and foliage screening.

Sapphire Beach Condominium Resort

A great place to relax and unwind from a stressful life.

Absolutely gorgeous view and nice beaches.

Address : 6720 Estate Smith Bay, St Thomas 00802, USVI

Pavilions And Pools Villa Hotel

One of the most prime locations on the island to stay.

Each unit has their own private pool and is individually owned.

They have an amazing restaurant on-site.

Address : 6400 Estate Smith Bay, St Thomas, 00802, St Thomas 00801, USVI


Satisfy your appetite while you’re in Virgin Island by going to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville! This restaurant is located only 7 minutes away from the beach by walking. They offer delicious American cuisine, and even though they have a limited menu, the foods are guaranteed to please your taste buds. The servers are very attentive and helpful. We recommend you to try their rum cake!

Another restaurant you should totally check out is Shoreline Bar & Grill. This restaurant has a rather casual atmosphere, serving American and Mexican cuisine such as burgers, fish tacos, and many more. you can also enjoy drinking at their bar. Reasonably priced, this restaurant is loved by many visitors of the beach!

Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville Restaurant

Absolutely a fantastic place to stay when you're on the island.

The food is decent with attentive service.

The ribs are excellent and a huge portion for the price, the black bean hummus is also very good.

Address : 49-19 Estate, Smith Bay, St Thomas 00802, USVI

Shoreline Bar & Grill

Awesome place for hang out great scenery and decent food.

Plenty of good food options and a great view.

Drinks are excellent.

Address : Smith Bay, St Thomas 00802, USVI


If you’re visiting Coki Beach in Virgin Island, that means you must try the local foods of Virgin Island. We recommend you to try Fungi (no, not the mushrooms), Johnny Cake, Kallaloo, Pate, and Bullfoot Soup!


Need a place to relax and hang out with people? Go to Island Time Pub! This harbor front pub features full bar, pizza, and frequent live music. You will love their welcoming and easygoing environment. The staffs are super friendly, not to mention the views outside from the pub and how affordable the foods are.

Island Time Pub

Excellent "dive" bar feel with good pizza and prices with a view of the marina.

Their drinks are doing and tasty.

Overall great ambiance and tasty food, definitely recommend checking this place out.

Address : American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas, VI 00802, USVI