Exciting Things to Do in Davis Mountains State Park

Davis Mountains State Park - Photo from tpwd.texas.gov

Davis Mountains State Park, covering 2708.9 hectares, is located in Jeff Davis County, four miles northwest of Fort Davis.

It is located about halfway between the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns, and Big Bend National Park.

The original part of the park was the deed to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department by a local family.

The original overhaul was carried out by the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1933; the park has been open to the public since the late 1930s; formal encampment facilities were added in 1967.

Let's explore around and find hidden gems among the amazing scenery here!



Extreme elevations averaging 1 mile in height produce the plains of grasslands and juniper-oak pinyon. Montezuma quail, usually further west, is regularly observed in the park. The scattered ponderosa stands and the more common pine pinyon, mixed with oak and juniper, cover a higher height. During the wet years, this park is filled with wild flowers. Emory and gray trees and one seed juniper are the most common trees in the park. Emory oak is dominant along Keesey Creek. Red bouvardia, small lead leaves, trompillo, evergreen sumac, fragrant sumac, Apache plum, small walnut, treecholla, Torrey yucca, acacia catclaw, and agarito are conspicuous shrubs, some of which are abundant flowers. This interpretive center faces the wildlife irrigation station where scrub jays, white wing pigeons, curve-shaped thrashers, and rock squirrels are some of the most commonly seen wildlife.


Davis Mountains State Park offers a unique and secluded destination for all types of adventures. Here you can walk, bike, mountain bike or ride your own horse, drive across mountains, camp, see stars, geocache, and study nature. Watch the birds in "the best little bird flock in Texas." The blind offers a closed vision station, a protected outdoor terrace, and an irrigation and food station. Or stop by the interpretation center to see what visiting bird feeding and drinking stations there are. Hiking or biking on our trail. Skyline Drive Trail 4.5 miles up and down mountains and valleys. The CCC trail of 1.75 miles is connected by a trail to the Fort Davis National Historic Site. See our interactive path map for more information.


You can also do camping in this state park with great atmosphere of green space and nature. You can stay at one of the campsites or at Indian Lodge, a historic motel with 39 rooms in the park, which has a restaurant, swimming pool (only for Lodge guests) and meeting rooms. Rent an existing group picnic area for your next meeting.


Even though the new normal has been regulated, you still have to be aware and keep the distance and health protocol. Equip yourself with health care equipment such as hand sanitizer, bacterial soap, and wear mask.


The best time to visit Fort Davis for ideal weather is April 2 to June 17 or August 6 to October 28 based on average temperature and humidity.


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