Things to Do in Lighthouse Beach MA

Chatham Lighthouse Beach - Photo by William DeSousa-Mauk

Welcome to Chattam Lighthouse Beach!

Chattam Lighthouse Beach is located below the Chatham Light, which is the active Coast Guard Station of the Chatham Waters.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach is a perfect summer destination for everyone in the United States!

Everyone is welcome to feel the fun on this beach! Come and visit Chatham Lighthouse Beach for more fun!



For a day trip Idea around Chatham, you can try to visit these two places to have fun! There are Lighthouse Beach and also Lighthouse Cafe that you can try around the area. Start your short holiday by visiting the unique cafe that is located near the beach called the Lighthouse Cafe. Prepare yourself before going out under the sun to have fun with a delicious homestyle breakfast in this cafe. Yes! This is a perfect time to visit Lighthouse Cafe that is located at 216 MA-28, Northwest Harwich, MA 02671. Lighthouse Cafe is a family-owned business that serves the guest with good quality of food and drinks. This house specialty is the homestyle breakfast classics that will satisfy your hungry needs. Lighthouse Cafe receives cash-only eatery, so if you want to try their menus, make sure that you have cash in your pocket. Lighthouse Cafe opens daily from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

After having a wonderful breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe, now its time for you to explore the most scenic beach in Chatham, Lighthouse Beach. Nestled above the iconic Chattam Light, Chatha Beach offers the guest with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Chatham Lighthouse each specifically only open for public on the summer holiday. Other than the summer days, Lighthouse Beach is closed for the public. Located in the high altitudes, Chatham Lighthouse Beach is a perfect place for you to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the town of Chatham. Lighthouse Beach is located only a mile from downtown Chatham and it is easy to access. This beach has a beautiful expanse of sands where you can walk on it peacefully.

Lighthouse Beach

Expansive stretch of shoreline popular for surfing, swimming & strolls to the historic lighthouse.

Address : 30 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633, USA

Lighthouse Cafe

Quaint, family-owned, cash-only eatery specializing in homestyle breakfast classics.

Address : 216 MA-28, Northwest Harwich, MA 02671, USA


There is plenty of things to do around the area of Chatham Lighthouse beach that you can try out with your friend and family and it is all free! Who would not love free things? No one! Yes, all activities around the beach are free as there is no admission fee if you want to enter the Lighthouse Beach. Sightseeing is the first free thing that you can do on this beach. You can enjoy sunbathing under the blazing sun while looking to the scenic Atlantic Ocean or just sitting still and enjoy the beautiful Chatham town from the beach. The next thing that you can do for free around Chatham Lighthouse Beach is swimming. Although it is free, please mind the safety regulations while doing the activity around the beach as Lighthouse Beach has no lifeguards. However, there will be a beach/boat patrol that will be monitored around the area to keep everyone safe.


During the pandemic of COVID-19, every beachgoer is required to wear mask or face covering when you want to enter the Lighthouse Beach area. Keep the distance safe and perform social distancing with other people at the beach. Cover your mouth with a tissue or bend your elbow when you sneezing and always keep yourself clean by washing hands regularly. For the swimming activity, please note the flagpole that is placed at the top stairs that will warn you of the dangerous conditions. If the red flag appears it means swimming is prohibited in all areas of the Lighthouse Beach. The beach patrol in Lighthouse Beach runs from 9:30 PM to 5:30 PM daily.


As mentioned before that Lighthouse Beach is a beach that specifically opens during the summer holiday, so the best time to visit Lighthouse Beach is of course on the summer season that runs from June to August. Around the time, the weather in Chatham is pleasant with enough sunshine to have fun under it. The warmest month during the summer season is July, meanwhile, the hottest sun is in August. So, if you want to explore the city, please arrange your holiday around June to August to experience the highest level of fun!


Exploring the town of Chatham probably needs several nights to finish it all. So, if you want to spend your nights around the town, you can check the two best hotels that Tripboba will share wit you. The first one is called The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston. Located in 215 Charles Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114 USA, this hotel is the perfect place to stay. The location is just perfect because The Liberty Hotel Boston is only a walk away from premier shopping boutiques and dining options in Boston and it is close to many other attractions around the city. There are a total of 298 rooms and suites at The Liberty Boston that represent the historic influence and contemporary designs. If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of Boston, you can choose the Ebersol Suite, but any other rooms are also the perfect place to stay. Other activities that can be done in this hotel for example meetings, dining, weddings, and many others. This hotel is also equipped with a good fitness area.

The second place that you can choose to have a comfortable stay in Chatam is Boston Harbor Hotel that is located in 70 Rowes Wharf, Boston MA 02110. This hotel offers the patrons with a classically luxurious building for their stay in Chatham. There are several accommodations available for rent including Superior, Deluxe, Premier, Suites, and many more rooms that you can choose. Every room in Boston Harbor Hotel is beautifully designed like no other. Luxurious things like lush fabrics, sophisticated coastal color tones, and also spectacular skyline or harbor view will greet you as soon as you enter the hotel. Boston Harbor Hotel also has many offerings such as discounts for AAA Member Exclusive, Teacher appreciations, and many more. Experience the real luxurious stay only at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston

Posh hotel in a former jail, offering a striking atrium, sophisticated bars & upscale dining.

Address : 215 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, USA

Boston Harbor Hotel

High-end harborfront hotel offering an indoor pool & a spa, plus a cocktail bar & 2 restaurants.

Address : 70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, USA


Finding a good restaurant is a must-to-do if you are visiting new places. There are so many good restaurants available near the Chatham Lighthouse Beach that you can try. If you are looking for good restaurants to try, then try to visit The Yardarm Restaurant. This is a restaurant that the locals love to visit to meet their friends and acquaintances over delicious food. The Yardarm serves fresh foods that they made daily, from steaks to pasta dishes that are all available in these restaurants. The Yardarm Restaurants is located at 48 South Orleans Rd, Route 6A South, Orleans, MA 02653. It opens for lunch from Monday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 4 PM, and dinner is open from Monday to Sunday at 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The pub hours at the Yardarm Restaurants runs from 11:30 AM to 11: PM from Sunday to Thursday. While on weekends (Friday and Sunday) pub hours open from 11:30 AM to 12:00 Midnight. The Yardarm Restaurants is open to enjoy all year round. So don't worry you can visit these restaurants anytime you like.

The next good restaurant on our recommendation list is called Twenty Eight Atlantic that is located at Wequassett Resort and Golf Club. You can have delicious foods with a view of a pleasant bay that will satisfy both your hungry tummy and souls. Breakfast at the Twenty Eight Atlantic is served daily from 7 AM to 11 AM, meanwhile the lunch will be served from 11 AM to 5 PM, and dinner from 5 PM to 9 PM. There are interesting places around the restaurants that you can choose to enjoy the food such as the patios, decks, and also outdoor areas. They serve a wide variety of menus that will feature the combination of favorite from Twenty Eight Atlantic. You can have a glass of refreshing cocktails too in this restaurant. If you want to enjoy your foods with a view, then Twenty Eight Atlantic is worth to try.

The Yardarm Restaurant

Convivial hangout lures locals with sports TV & eclectic bar fare, including seafood chowder.

Address : 48 S Orleans Rd, Orleans, MA 02653, USA

Twenty Eight Atlantic

Formal venue serves inspired New American cuisine in a snazzy space with expansive views of the bay.

Address : 2173 MA-28, Harwich, MA 02645, USA


If you are wondering and asking for our opinion on what is the top foods around Chatham, we will answer with Marion's Pie Shop. The pie shop that has been operated since 1947 is serving good homemade chicken pot pies with only fresh ingredients. Not only savory pies, but Marion's Pie Shop also served the customers with fresh fruity pies. Aside from their iconic homemade pies, this restaurant also sells a wide variety of catering cocktail parties, plated dinners, to farewell brunches. They also served hearty homemade comfort foods such as lasagna, meatballs, Tomato Cheddar Soup, Green Mountain Coffee, Juices, and many more. There are also hamburgers, seafood, beefsteak, and many other great foods to choose from their menu list. You can call in advance if you have specific orders for the foods. To try their amazing foods, you can head to 2022 MAIN STREET CHATHAM, MA 02633.

Marion's Pie Shop

Quaint counter serve housemade pies, plus other baked goods & comfort eats such as lasagna.

Address : 2022 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633, USA


After testing the water under the blazing summer sun, the night is a perfect time to go out and have fun at parties. There are lots of hotspot places around Lighthouse Beach that you can choose, this Tripboba will recommend you the best two. The first place that you can visit when you want to enjoy the night in Chatam is the Chatam Wine Bar. It is located at 359 Main St #2, Chatham, MA 02633, inside the Chatham Inn. Chatham Wine Bar serves fine dining experiences for you. If you want to have a classy dinner with a glass of wine, then this place is perfect for you. Experience their world-class fine dining cuisines that are prepared with high with high-quality ingredients only that will make your visit to this bar become more specials. Chatham Wine Bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday at 5:00 PM.

The next night's hottest place in Chathan would be the Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar. Massachusetts is home to Cape Cod farm, so, it is a mush to try the fresh Cod sushi when you are visiting the city. If you want the night to become a one-of-a-kind, you can try to visit Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar. Not only fresh sushi, but this house also serves delicious sushi rolls and other foods that you will love it instantly. Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar also features a fantastic martini bar live that is a perfect place to meet your friends, dates, or even outings! Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar is located on 513 Main Street, Chatham, MA. If you want to visit them in the summer holiday, we recommend you call beforehand and make your reservations so you can save a place.

Chatham Wine Bar

Fine wines & elevated takes on steak & seafood dishes served in a refined setting with a patio.

Address : 359 Main St #2, Chatham, MA 02633, USA

Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar

Creative Japanese seafood plus Thai & Korean dishes presented in sophisticated surrounds.

Address : 513 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633, USA