Fun Things to Do in Vancouver Mall with Friends

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Vancouver Mall is a shopping mall in Vancouver, Washington that features more than 140 distinctive stores.

For you who are hunting for fashion attires, this shopping mall has numerous fashion boutiques and also departement stores like Macy's and JCPenny.

If you want to watch movies, go ahead for a good movie time in AMC Vancouver Mall 23.

Vancouver Art Space in Vancouver Mall offers you Arts and Crafts classes.

Subway and Taco Time will cure your hunger during your visit in the mall.



For you who are hunting for fashion attires, Macy's is where you should head. It offers you the most complete retailing with top selections of fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Clinique Nordstrom, Calvin Klein, and many more. Besides fashion brands, they also offer a vast range of gifts, makeups, and furniture here. Another department store you can find in Vancouver Mall is JCPenney. Along with fashion apparel, this department store also features home furnishing retailers. Here, you can find a wide range of fashion options from affordable to high-end shopping. Enjoy shopping and fulfill your fashion needs here.

Macy's in Vancouver Mall

Pretty typical Macy's with pretty good selection of products.

It's a great place to find a little something for everyone on your X-mas list.

Always great clothes at great prices here, store is clean and well laid out.

The staff is always willing to help & go above and beyond to get your the best pricing possible.

Address : 8208 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

JCPenney in Vancouver Mall

An excellent option to buy clothes or something like that.

They have a large big & tall section.

They have great sales and great rewards for card holders.

They have fantastic bathrooms, this is an important factor when your visiting a mall.

Address : 8900 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA


Vancouver Mall has a free parking area with convenient and no height restrictions. Some disabled spots and also parents with children's spaces are available at all main mall entrances.


Watch your favorite movie at AMC Vancouver Mall 23. AMC Vancouver Mall 23 offers you an amazing movie-time experience. This cinema has a massive theater with comfortable seating and good services. If you come ahead before the movie playing, you can stop by at the snack corner. You can enjoy watching a movie accompanied by snacks of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines and delicious menu items here.

AMC Vancouver Mall 23

The AMC Movie theater is a fantastic place to enjoy your movie.

There are 2 different styles of movie theaters here.

The seats are awesome and the sound is incredible.

They have lots of different snack options to choose from In the lobby.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA


Due to the global pandemic situation, please obey the social distancing restriction during your visit to the mall. Don't forget to wear your mask and wash your hands frequently. This mall also provided a wheelchair accessible area.


In Vancouver Mall, you can find the Vancouver Art Space. Here you can find Vancouver Art Space. They offer an exciting variety of Arts and Crafts classes and also hosting some workshops. It hosts some programs that encourage people of art exploration. But, if you are looking for a bookstore, you can head to Rainbow West Christian Bookstore. It is located on the top floor close to Macy's. They offer a good selection of books, music, DVDs, and also Bibles.

Vancouver Art Space

If you're an artist struggling for some inspiration, Vancouver Art Space is your place.

The lady running the place is very nice and helpful.

They have lots of creative ideas that are sure to spark some great ideas for you.

Great classes and great venue for local artists to display and sell their works.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr #283, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA


Are you looking for a quick bite dish in the mall? Then head to Subway. This well-known restaurant offers you a good selection of sandwiches, salad, and wraps combinations in a variety of flavors. They serve sandwiches with freshly cut veggies and freshly baked bread. But if you are looking for Mexican food in the mall, you can stop by at Taco Time. It offers you a variety of tacos and other Mexican fast foods. This restaurant has a comfortable setting with a fantastic atmosphere.

Subway in Vancouver Mall

Nice place to have a fresh meal.

This subway location always has friendly workers and great service.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Store No. 273, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA


Cinnabon is a food counter located in the food court of the mall. This place has great coffee and other food items to take out or eat in. They offer many varieties of coffee and desserts that you can order. But, if you are looking for sweet cakes, you can stop by at Amazing Cakes. It's an artisan bakery. They specialize in making cakes and cupcakes that will boost up your mood and sugar intake. Stop by and enjoy the sweetness.

Amazing Cakes in Vancouver Mall

Awesome place to check out for a quick cupcakes.

Amazing Cakes has amazing cupcakes with some very interesting flavors.

Their creations are all custom designed and true works of art.

The customer service is superior.

Address : 4903 NE St Johns Rd, Vancouver, WA 98663, USA

Cinnabon in Vancouver Mall

Cinnabons are always freshly made and ready to eat.

Customer service is great, rolls are the best.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA


Hang out with your friends at Starbucks. They have a cozy place to have a coffee or just chilling out. They also have non-coffee beverages and also a variety of pastries to accompany your drink. But, if you want to hangout accompanied by fresh fruits beverages and foods, you can head to Fresh Fruit Heaven. You can find this place near to the entrance of the mall. They have a quite spacious and clean venue. You can have some sliced fresh fruit with cold beverages while chatting with your friends here.

Starbucks Vancouver Mall

One of the coolest places to hang out with high quality of coffee.

The staff is quick, and friendly.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662, USA

Fresh Fruit Heaven

Great spot for Mexican snacks like elotes, esquites, diablitos, bionicos, etc.

You can also order fruit smoothies at fair price.

They make the drinks to your liking and very delicious, natural juices, fruit waters, smoothies, corn tamales, esquite.

Also they serve with the best manners.

Address : 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr Space 175, Vancouver, WA 98661, USA