Exhilarating Things to Do in Mondello Beach That are really Intriguing

Flickr - Photo by Radek Kucharski

Mondello Beach is a suburban white sandy beach offering pastel colored beach huts & pedal boats for hire located in Italy

The most popular activity to do here is swimming and chilling at the beach with sun beds and umbrella

The water is clear and pristine, not to mention its unrivaled scenic view

This beach is often crowded after 10 AM, so be sure to get here early

You can easily access hotels and restaurants near this beach



Welcome to Mondello Beach guide! This beautiful beach is located only 12 km north from Palermo, Italy. Not only popular for the locals, Mondello Beach is also visited by many international tourists. It’s popular for its sandy beach with beach huts nearby and pedal boating activity.
If you’ve only have a day to spend in Mondello Beach and places around it, we recommend you to rent a boat and enjoy boating on the beach! There are a lot of space to chill as well at the beach.

If you want to go somewhere else, you can visit Toy Park Beach. This amusement park is only 4 minutes away by driving and it’s a perfect place if you’re bringing your kids along. There are many slides in the pool with different sizes and heights so your kids will definitely enjoy playing here.

Toy Park Beach

This is a good place to rest yourself while your kids are playing in the amusement attractions proposed in here.

Clean and well organized, although very warm.

Address : Via Circe, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy


Entering Mondello Beach or Spiaggia di Mondello (Italian) is free. There are many activities you can do here as well, such as swimming at the beach and chilling on the sand. You only have to pay when you want to rent the sun beds and umbrella, as well as using the changing booth and showers. If you come here, expect the crowds especially after 10 AM. So, we recommend you to get there early.

Spiaggia di Mondello

Quite a nice stroll on a sunny winter day, with a few trying a first swimming into cold water.

Crystal clear turquoise water.

Address : Viale Regina Elena, 23, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy


While there is no particular safety guide for visiting Mondello Beach, visitors should pay attention to their own safety. Lifeguards are on duty in this beach. In this time of pandemic, do perform social distancing from each other.


The best time to visit Mondello Beach in Palermo is from June through August and from mid-December through early January. These months are the peak season for tourism in Palermo, so you will find that the beach is packed. The weather is generally nice in these seasons and in summer. If you want to visit this beach in less crowded times, then you can go in other months.


If you want to rent water sport equipment, you can go to Water Experience, which is located near the beach itself. Here, you can rent paddle boards and the staffs will also teach you on how to use them so don’t worry if you’re just a beginner.

Water Experience - Palermo

Would highly recommend this place and the team are lovely and very accommodating with times.

Cool to appreciate the fantastic sea and the breathtaking view of its coast.

They always give the best service and new equipment.

Address : Viale Regina Elena, 2, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy


Need a place to stay near Mondello Beach? We recommend you to book a room in Hotel Villa Esperia, Palermo. This 3-star hotel is only 5-minute walk from Mondello Beach and features amenities such as free wi-fi, air conditioner, satellite TV, tea and coffeemaking facilities. They also have a restaurant as well as a garden where you can relax at. The ambience of the hotel is more like an old building rather than modern one, so it’s perfect if you love vintage vibe.

Another place you can check out is Bed and Breakfast Mondello. This hotel also has access to Mondello Beach and has amenities such as private bathrooms, air conditioner, flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is served on the rooftop of the hotel when the weather is good. You can also rent bike and boat here, as well as using the shuttle service near the hotel.

Hotel Villa Esperia

Hotel Villa Esperia is best place for staying during your vacation with lovely views.

Everything is perfect from room until breakfast.

The staff are all polite, friendly and accommodating.

Address : Viale Margherita di Savoia, 53, 90149 Palermo PA, Italy

Bed and Breakfast Mondello

Awesome place for a vacation and stay with lovely breakfast.

The place provides large, clean rooms with pillows and a comfortable bathroom.

They also provide breakfast menus provided by reliable staff.

Address : Viale Regina Elena, 1/C, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy


Feeling hungry? Go to Alle Terrazze! This restaurant has a beautiful architectural design and they also have the waterfront views of the ocean. The view is breathtaking here especially at night. Everything are made from high quality ingredients and served in elegant plating style. Menu in this restaurant include Paccheri alla Norma, Summer Soup, handmade pasta, and many more. The price may be not as cheap as any other restaurants but the view and the ambience here are worth it.

Next restaurant you should check out is Poldo 2 Mondello. This restaurant is located right on the beach as well, their main course include fettucine, pizza pistacchiosa, and angus irlandese con fonduta di formaggi. They make their dough from scratch so you will taste the authentic Italian cuisine here. You can enjoy the beautiful ocean view from this restaurant as well.

Alle Terrazze

The restaurant is very fancy, and the food lives up to the expectations, very high quality and taste.

Venue is beautiful, right on the sea with breathtaking view in the evening.

Service and location is perfect with humble staff.

Address : Viale Regina Elena, 90149 Palermo PA, Italy

Poldo 2 Mondello

Friendly family restaurant with big portions and excellent quality of food.

Excellent food especially seafood pasta served in big helpings.

Try their delicious fresh seafood and incredible pasta with a massive menu full of pizza, burgers, seafood etc.

Address : Via Torre di Mondello, 22, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy


While in Palermo, we recommend you to try Arancina, Panino Con Le Panelle or Panelle sandwich, Pane Con La Milza, and Frittola.


Relax and hang out with other people in GustOriana. This bar is located near the beach and other restaurants as well so it’s easy to access. The ambience here is quite casual, not to mention that their foods and cocktails are super tasty. The owner is very friendly and sometimes he plays the piano. Here, you will feel welcomed and the warmth of the bar will make you happy.


Incredible place with tasty food and cocktails.

Awesome people, good drinks and food for convenient prices.

The owner Michel playes piano in the evening and they offer happy hour drinks.

Address : Via Mondello, 13 b, 90151 Palermo PA, Italy