Fun Things to Do in Spokane Valley Mall - Photo by Brookfield Properties

Spokane Valley Mall is a shopping mall located at Spokane Valley, Washington, United States

Spokane Valley Mall has more than 100 stores that you can check out!

The stores are very clean and the service is decent.

There are a lot of free parking as well, so you don't have to worry about parking your car in this mall.

The mall itself is never too crowded, perfect for you who wants to window shopping!



The popularity of Macy’s is unrivaled as it’s available in almost every malls in the United States, including Spokane Valley Mall. No wonder, Macy’s has almost everything you need for daily life, from women and men’s apparel, shoes, makeup, furniture, to home décor. Everything is well stocked here. They also often have great deals and sales, which is something you should look out for!

Another department store you must check out is JCPenney. They sell apparels, accessories, furniture, and more. In Spokane Valley Mall, JCPenney is available in 2 floor stores so you will be satisfied of how broad their products of items are. The staffs working in here are also known to be very nice and helpful.

Macy's Spokane Valley Mall

Macy's is favorite place to shop.

Large selection of quality clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup.

Good service willing to help knowledge people good prices and selection.

Address : 14740 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA

JCPenney Spokane Valley Mall

Good staff, very organized, and good selection of clothing and other great products.

They have mens & womens jackets,

Do yourself a favor and spend some time browsing the wide variety of items in this store.

Address : 14730 E Indiana Ave, Spokane, WA 99216, USA


There are over 5,300 free parking spaces in Spokane Valley Mall that you can use. They are easy to navigate, so you won’t get through any difficulty when parking. The parking area also has easy access to and from Interstate 90. Directional signage is available for visitors to anchor stores and plaza.

Before leaving your car, remember not to leave any pets or kids inside locked.


Want to spend sometimes watching the latest movie? Regal Spokane Valley where you should go to. This movie theater in Spokane Valley Mall will pamper you with their super comfortable seating and great service from the staffs. You can get popcorn and other snacks from the concession area. Their bathroom and other places in the theater are very maintained and clean as well.

Regal Spokane Valley

Cool place to see movies while visiting Spokane.

The movie theater lobby, concession areas, and bathrooms are clean.

Nice facility, comfortable seating and great sound.

Address : 14760 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA


Aside from the social distancing rules during pandemic, visitors have to follow the mall’s rule such as prohibition of any activity that would disrupt the mall’s activity of shopping and dining. You’re also not allowed to run, horseplay, or do any disorderly conduct of any nature. No excessive loitering, as well as prohibition of firearms or illegal weapons.


You don’t know what to check out in Spokane Valley Mall? Well, we have some stores we picked for you to check out!

The first one is Polka Dot Pottery. This store allows you to paint your own ceramic or pottery, even if you’ve never done that before. The staffs will be more than happy to assist you while you’re painting your ceramics. You can choose to paint items such as mugs, miniatures, and many more. Music is playing in the background as well, so you can relax while finishing your piece.

After spending your time in Polka Dot Pottery, you can go to Uncle’s Games Puzzles & More. This place is packed with board games, puzzles, and many more games which are suitable for all ages. There is even a designated area where you can try various games and see if you like it before buying it. Usually they also have some kind of competition in the back of the store, so you can join them! The staffs are very friendly as well and they’re ready to help you to find the board games you need.

Polka Dot Pottery

This is a fun place to visit and paint a favorite item.

The studio is adorable, the lady is very kind and helpful.

Lots of different ceramics and dishes to paint.

They have a lot of pottery to choose from and you get them back pretty quick.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave Suite 1184, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA

Uncle's Games Puzzles & More

A cool place to find a large assortment of boardgames and puzzles.

There is even a spot to try out various games and see if you like it.

The staff are very knowledgable and extremely personable.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave #2128, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA


Need to regain your energy after exploring the mall? You can go to Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar. This place sells pork, burger, chicken, sandwiches, tacos, and many more. If you came with your family, maybe you can try their popular menu which often ordered by families, such as pastas, pesto chicken, steak dinner, and pepper salmon.
Don’t forget to try their special wine as well!

Another place you must try is Azteca, especially if you’re longing for Mexican food. You will get to taste their delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine. They also have a popular Cantina where you can order glasses of wine. All of these served in a very warm atmosphere of Hacienda-style interior décor.

Azteca Spokane Valley Mall

Pleasant place to eat with best Mexican food in town.

Menu variety, food taste and portion size are all great and it is reasonably priced.

Staff is friendly, efficient and accommodating.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave Space 1080, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar

Easy place to enjoy dinner with in a lively atmosphere for families and friends.

Their wine is always cold and the food is always so good.

All in all, definitely worth visiting for a casual and fun meal.

Address : 14728 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA


Who doesn’t love snacks? Well if you want to munch foods without really filling up your tummy, you can visit Auntie Anne’s! They sell the best pretzels which are fresh from the oven, with sweet dipping. Their pretzels are very soft and chewy inside, which will make you want it more. They also sell lemonade and coke products as well in the store.

Auntie Anne's Spokane Valley Mall

Cosy spot for amazing pretzels.

Their pizza pretzels with cheese and marinara dipping sauce is tasty.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA


Need a place to hang out with friends? Well, you can go to Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters. This place is a perfect place to sip a hot or cold coffee while spending quality time with your friend, especially if you don’t really like to be bothered by other people when talking to your friends.

Not only great coffee, they also sell cute mugs which you can purchase in case you want to make your own coffee at home. We recommend you to try their Lavender Latte if you’re visiting!

Next, we can’t let this article end without mentioning the popular Hops N Drops for a place to hang out in Spokane Valley Mall. The difference from Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters, is that Hops N Drops’ ambience is livelier with open patio. It’s more like a place in your neighborhood where people are coming to see the sports competition together on the TV.

The staffs are super friendly, not to mention that their foods are also great and affordable.

Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasters

This particular place is located inside the mall and the layout of it is kind of cool.

The baristas are kinder and the service is far more prompt.

The drinks are made to a better quality.

They have a good amount of seating and everything is super clean.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA

Hops n Drops Spokane Valley Mall

Hops N Drops is very welcoming with a great beer selection and food.

Great selection of burgers and sandwiches, along with appetizers and salads.

Service is generally friendly, and there is not usually a long wait for a table.

Address : 14700 E Indiana Ave #1182, Spokane Valley, WA 99216, USA