Fun Things to Do at The Mall at Stonecrest with Family

Flickr - Photo by Mike Kalasnik

The Mall at Stonecrest is a mall located in Stonecrest, Georgia, United States.

There are many stores you can check out such as Dillard's and Macy's!

The building is very clean and well maintained.

This place is perfect for hanging out with family and friends!

There are also unique stores you should check out such as Alt Collectibles and Hot Topic.



If you wish to get a fresh, new look on you, you should go to Dillard’s! This department store in The Mall at Stonecrest is very well stocked with daily wear for men, women, juniors, and kids. They also have shoes, handbags, accessories, beauty products, and house goods as well. Don’t worry about the quality, because they sell products from various famous brands.

Not finding what you’re looking for? You can go to Macy’s. They also sell many daily wears as well as housewares, furniture, and accessories. You can also find plus size outfits here as well! What makes Macy’s should be on your visit-list is because they offers first-class selection of top brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Estee Lauder and Levi’s.

Dillard's The Mall at Stonecrest

Store very well laid-out spacious and you can actually see what you're looking for.

Staff are helpful,large variety of clothing to choose from.

Sometimes you can find really great deals too.

Address : 8000 Mall Pkwy, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA

Macy's The Mall at Stonecrest

Spacious store with great selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Good customer service and many high quality things to choose from.

They have many brand name products that may not be very expensive.

Workers are very professional and friendly.

Address : 8030 Mall Pkwy, Lithonia, GA 30038, USA


The Mall at Stonecrest offers free parking in the mall area so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to reach the mall. To get to the mall, you should follow the Turner Hill Road and then the mall would be on your left.


Watch the latest movie by going to New Vision Theatres Stonecrest 16. This movie theatre has IMAX Real 3D technology to make your moviegoing experience even more exceptional. They also have a concession area where you can buy your popcorns before the movie starts. All areas of the theatres including the bathrooms are well maintained and clean.

New Vision Theatres Stonecrest 16 +IMAX

Great place to take your family or just go out with friends.

They have stadium seating, the seats also recline a little for comfort seating.

This theater has friendly and helpful staff.

Address : 8060 Mall Pkwy, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA


Visitors of The Mall at Stonecrest are expected to not to perform any actions that would disrupt the property or anyone else’s shopping experience.


Do you have nowhere specific to go at The Mal at Stonecrest? We picked 2 recommended stores for you to visit! The first is Atl Collectibles, which is an art gallery showcasing collectibles! You would see collections such as angle bible, abstract sculptures, African mask, and many more! The quality of the collectibles are exceptional and the staffs are super knowledgeable as well.

Next store, we recommend you to go to Hot Topic! You will find cool items such as t-shirts, accessories, and body jewelry based of pop/rock culture. You may find the merchandise from your favourite bands, as well as Funko figures of your favourite characters. This store is a heaven for teenagers and pop/rock culture lovers!

Atl Collectibles

Atl Collectible is simply marvelous with so much great art to choose.

The owner/manager here is very customer service friendly.

They have a fabulous collection of art to choose from.

They always have great art work with good quality frame work.

Address : 2929 Turner Hill Rd suite#2280, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA

Hot Topic

If you're into Anime and things along that line, this is the place to go.

Awesome selection on anime, movies, games, and shows with a fantastic atmosphere and great service.

Address : 2929 Turner Hill Rd STE 1280, Lithonia, GA 30038, USA


Fill your empty stomach and regain your energy after exploring the mall by going to Barbecue Works. This restaurant sells hot wings with many flavours you can choose, such as original hot buffalo, lemon pepper, and sweet teriyaki. They also serve salads and fish plates as well! The customer service is great, you’ll be satisfied having meals in this restaurant.

Another restaurant you should check out is TGI Fridays. This restaurant isn’t actually located inside the mall but at the Stonecrest Circle, which is only 6 minutes away from the mall by walking. This restaurant has a festive vibe, serving beer, cocktails, and a wide menu of American cuisine.

Barbecue Works

Best place to get delicious BBQ, everything tasted fresh and authentic.

They offer a nice range of fresh food.

The employees are always very friendly, prices are reasonable and the place is always clean.

Address : 2929 Turner Hill Rd, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA

TGI Fridays The Mall at Stonecrest

Highly recommended restaurant for wonderful food at reasonable price.

This location has the best bartenders, they are friendly and make really good drinks.

Pleasant environment to get away for a while.

Address : 2871 Stonecrest Cir, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA


Craving for bites? Just head to Chick-fil-A! this eatery sells signature bites such as chicken sandwiches, salads, chicken nuggets, and more. The staffs are super friendly as well. Their tasty foods are already popular amongst people who loves comfort foods. A must try indeed.

Chick-fil-A The Mall at Stonecrest

Great place to eat with family and friends.

They have good thick chicken sandwiches.

Address : 2985 Turner Hill Rd, Lithonia, GA 30038, USA


Looking for a place where you can have fun with your friends? You can go to Round1 Stonecrest! This place is a large game place where you can play arcade, bowling, and even do karaoke. They also have billiards, darts, ping pong, and many more. They have the newest game with the latest technology. You will feel like time’s passing so fast when you’re here!

Round1 Stonecrest

Pretty awesome place to bring friends and family.

Kids and adults can entertain themselves easily with the wide selection of games available for all ages.

There's bowling, darts, ping pong, as well as food and drinks (including beer).

Address : 2929 Turner Hill Rd, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA