Interesting Things To Do In Yorktown Center

Yorktown Center - Photo by Dasia100 from Wikimedia Commons

Yorktown Center is an indoor shopping mall in Lombard that offer a shopping experience featuring 150 retail, dining, and entertainment spots.

Yorktown Center offers everything you need in daily, from groceries to home good hunting.

Find the latest trends and fashion apparel from world popular brand in Yorktown Center.

Not only shopping, Yorktown Center also offers a great time to hang out with your friends.

Want to spend your time watching some movies in Yorktown Center? AMC DINE-IN Yorktown 18 is available in Yorktown Center.



In Yorktown Center, you can stop by at JCPenney. This department store offers great deals of merchandise from well-known brands. Here, you can find a wide range of fashion options from affordable to high-end fashion items. You can also find a variety of home furnishing retailers. Another department store located in Yorktown Center is Von Maur. This department store offers great deals of merchandise from well-known brands. This department store also has a setting where people will enjoy shopping time in comfort and with the help of their friendly staff. Shop and update your fashion style by buying fashion items here.

JCPenney Yorktown Center

Reasonable store with some nice offers and brands.

Merchandise include from clothes to perfumes and cosmetics to shoes and watches.

Ample peaking space and friendly staff.

Address : 175 Yorktown S, C, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Von Maur Yorktown Center

Wonderful store, attentive staff with wonderful dresses and shoes.

The clothing is always a treat because you can find exactly what you're looking for and then some.

The store is always very tidy and even live piano music makes this not only a necessity for shopping but truly an experience.

Address : 145 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Fulfill your daily needs by shopping at Target in Yorktown Center. Target has everything you need about your daily life. Here they offer great deals of your everyday essentials and also fashion apparel. From groceries, home goods, and furniture, it is all here offered at a reasonable price.

Target Yorktown Center

Target is organized and super clean store with awesome decor.

Target always has amazing selections and tons of products.

Everyone is friendly and helpful and their customer service is excellent.

Address : 60 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Yorktown Center has a clean and safe parking area. It's free to park your vehicle here for the first 2 hours. They have plentiful parking spots that are close to multiple entrances of the mall. Yorktown Center will make parking easier for you.


Want to spend your time watching some movies in the Yorktown Center? AMC DINE-IN Yorktown 18 is where you should head. You can find the cinema at the lower level of the mall. This cinema offers an amazing movie time experience with comfortable theaters. Here, they play the most updated movies on your waiting list. If you don't have enough time to buy the ticket on-site, you can buy online ahead on their website.

AMC DINE-IN Yorktown 18

This is a really nice theater.

The seats are comfortable and the whole place is really clean.

The quality of customer service is excellent and its facilities are top notch.

Address : 80 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Yorktown Center has reopened during to global pandemic situation. But please make sure to obey the WHO social-distancing guidelines while visiting this mall. Don't forget to wear your mask and wash your hands frequently. The food court and the restaurants have adjusted the seating with the standard rules of social distancing.


Yorktown Center offers everything you need in daily. In the lower level of the mall, you will find the Finish Line. This store is perfect if you are looking for complete sports goods from men and women. Here, you can find good options of footwear, sports accessories, and athletic equipment from well-known brand merchandises. But, if you are in hunting for a sport sunglasses, head to the lower level of the mall. Here you can find a sunglasses store, the Sunglass Hut. They have a variety of sports sunglasses for men ad women. You will only find the world's top designer sunglasses here.

Finish Line Yorktown Center

Nice good looking store, everything clean and well organized.

A great selection of shoes at very reasonable prices.

If you're looking for shoes this is definitely a great place to stop.

Address : 162A Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Sunglass Hut

The store has great variety of sunglasses on display.

Their workers are great and helpful.

Address : 203 Yorktown Ctr #300, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Are you feeling hungry during your shopping time at Yorktown Center? Head to Flat Top Grill. This restaurant is located outside the mall. They offer a stir-fry bar with a wide option of 25 fresh fruits and veggies and also a selection of rice and noodles with homemade sauces. The homemade desserts here are amazing. Another restaurant to stop by for good food is Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant. This restaurant is perfect if you are craving Italian cuisines. They have a casual setting with a family atmosphere that will make your dining comfortable. Enjoy your dining here with a great taste of Italian.

Flat Top Grill Yorktown Center

It's a simple restaurant with delicious food and drinks with an unbeatable price point.

The food is always super fresh and cooked to perfection.

You have an option to select any sauce you like, it also comes with egg, chapati, lettuce wrap & cheese.

Address : 305 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant

Pleasant restaurant for a business lunch or meet up with a group.

Food is all served family style and it is tasty, family Italian food.

They preserve their high level service and the topmost level of food they give.

You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant.

Address : 90 Yorktown Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Craving for sweets during your shopping time at Yorktown Center? Baskin-Robbins is surely where you should head. It is an ice-cream shop located on the lower level of the mall. They serve ice creams with a great selection of toppings and flavors that will boost your sugar intake. From sundaes to smoothies, you can have it here. But, if you want to have some beverage to cool down, Chill Bubble Tea is definitely for you. Who doesn't like bubble tea? Here they have a variety of bubble tea with only premium ingredients on their menu. This restaurant has a range of classic to creations of flavor for you. So, what's your favorite taste? Come and order now.

Chill Bubble Tea

Very yummy bubble tea with a great selection of flavors.

The menu is very extensive and the service is absolutely fantastic.

Address : 203 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA

Baskin-Robbins Yorktown Center

Baskin-Robbins is cozy spot for hang out with friends.

There are sprinkles and chocolate sauce, and gummi worms, and wafers, and oreos.

Address : 119 Yorktown Shopping Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA


Need a chill place to hang out with your friends in Yorktown Center? Don't hesitate to stop at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. It is a casual restaurant that offers a great time with your friends. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of some refreshing hand-crafted beer on tap. To complete your time, order the most authentic American comfort foods from the menu.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

This place is great all around, very comfortable environment with plenty of space to dine.

They have excellent meals, their menu is nice.

The food is always fresh and tasty, the attitude towards the guests is efficient.

The local beer is cold and crisp and is a must try when you visit.

Address : 94 Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL 60148, USA