Things to Do in Belden Village Mall

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Belden Village Mall is the premiere shopping destination located at the hub of Eastern Ohio's shopping mecca.

Anchored by Dillard’s and Macy’s, Belden Village Mall features over 100 specialty stores including the popular American Eagle Store and New York & Company.

Hickory Farms is ready to serve you with the best quality of grocery products.

If you need a relax moment with the company of comfort food, Chili's Grill & Bar and Gyro Bros. are some of the best options for you.

Don’t forget to stop by for a conversation at Scrambler Marie's or the famous Starbucks Coffee.

With stores such as, Chico's, White House | Black Market, Victoria's Secret, Pandora, PINK and Coach, visitors are provided with the best quality of products.



Shopping at American Eagle Store means improving your fashion story. If you’re looking for high-quality clothing, this store is the place for you. Known as expert in crafting, it sells all things fashion including trendy casualwear, shoes, accessories, and loungewear for guys and girls. The store itself is comfortably set with its warm lighting. This would make a charming shopping experience for you. For another exciting option, you can go to New York & Company and get lost in their good quality products. This women’s chain offers contemporary dresses, suits and separates, with fashion accessories. While the staff are known for their friendliness, the prices also comes with great deal. No wonder why this store is a favorite place for shopping.

American Eagle Store Belden Village Mall

Reccomend this place for shopping for clothing and accessories.

The associates are very polite and willing to help if you need it.

You can find some pretty good deals there.

Address : 4344 Belden Village Mall, Canton, OH 44718, USA

New York & Company Belden Village Mall

One of the most favorite clothing stores.

They have nice colors and very nice bright colors in that store and they have nice clothes.

Service is wonderful, staff is excellent.

Address : 4164 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA


The excitement of this shopping experience is even higher. Hickory Farms is ready to accompany your grocery shopping. Since 1952, this store has been a great destination for all local and fresh gourmet food. Everything in this store comes with its own specialty and freshness. This store makes every occasion special with its birthday, thank you gifts, special occasion, and celebration items.


When it comes to parking, you don’t have to worry about where to park your vehicle. Belden Village Mall comes with spacious parking area. It has 5380 parking spots that’s free in the first 2 hours. It also features disabled spots and no height restrictions available. With its convenient location, Belden Village Mall is easily reachable, whether it’s by bus, taxi, or uber service.


Though the mall doesn’t have a movie theater, your love towards movies doesn’t have to stop there. There are a few movie theaters located near Belden Village Mall, but the nearest one is Cinemark Movie Bistro North Canton. Located just 2.2 km from the mall, this popular movie theater is a getaway for all movie goers. It comes with stadium seats, self-service ticketing kiosks, and some with multiple screens. Enjoy watching your favorite movies with the company of your loved ones and your movie snacks.

Cinemark Movie Bistro North Canton

The newly renovated theater is spacious, clean, and most accommodating with incredibly comfortable chairs.

The seats are super comfy and the staff brings the food to your seat.

The swivel table/tray with a drink holder is perfect for keeping one from juggling and dropping popcorn, snacks, and beverage on the lap.

The staff is very friendly and the theater is very clean.

Address : 6284 Dressler Rd NW, North Canton, OH 44720, USA


The importance of following the current health protocols is very much needed these days. Since the mall has just opened, the mall request to all visitors to always wear a mask, practice social distancing, and always bring hand sanitizer. Everyone’s safety is number one. Let’s contribute our bit and stay safe.


There is no denying that Macy’s is one of the most popular stores not only in this mall but also throughout America. In this mall, Macy’s comes with a great selection of interesting items. Whether it’s brandy clothing, accessories, home furnishings, or housewares. But the best part of this store would be its staff. They are very well-trained and have a great personality to accompany your shopping experience. They are knowledgeable and patient. Not to forget the store’s great atmosphere. Dillard's is also another good recommended store for you. Known as one of the most popular stores in the mall, Dillard's has been a favorite destination for shopaholics for year. The amount of quality product sold here is the kind of treatment you need this holiday season. Enjoy shopping exciting items such as designer clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, home goods, and so many more.

Macy's Belden Village Mall

This is the quintessential venue to shop in Canton when you want quality.

They have a great selection of clothing , bedding , perfume , and shoes.

They have a sweeping selection and regularly receive new inventory.

The sale ladies are always helpful.

Address : 4300 Belden Village Mall, Canton, OH 44718, USA

Dillard's Belden Village Mall

Always a great place to find quality clothing.

Dilliards has incredible sales on name brand merchandise.

The ladies at Dillard's are extremely professional and help you find things to the point of putting together a complete outfit for you.

Everyone takes their time just for you creating a wonderful and stress free experience.

Address : 4400 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA


For your hangout spot, make sure to stop by at one of the mall’s popular places named Chili's Grill & Bar. With its well-appointed room, this Tex-Mex restaurant is known as a family-friendly chain serving Tex-Mex and American fare as its signature menus. The room is set in a Southwestern style. Don’t forget to have a sip at their popular bar, delicious drinks are waiting. If you love Greek food, you wouldn’t mind going to Gyro Bros. With its delicious offers, this restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in the mall. The unique taste of the Greek dishes makes you want even more. The staff are helpful and accommodating. This one would be a good stop after a tired shopping.

Chili's Grill & Bar Belden Village Mall

Nice, clean establishment with fast and friendly service.

The food is top notch and the prices aren't bad at all.

You can sign up for free chips and salsa or beverage.

All workers are very attentive and make great suggestions.

Address : 4133 Beldon Village Mall, Canton, OH 44718, USA

Gyro Bros.

Honestly one of the best restaurants in Canton.

The food is delicious and fresh.

The service is prompt and the place is very clean and well organized.

Address : 4230 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA


If you happen you love Japanese food, Sarku Japan is the perfect place to stop by. With its special taste, this restaurant is a favorite stop for family dining. Whether it’s the taste, the cooking process, or the dishes itself, all are made to connect you with comfort and delicious dishes. You can also try this popular fast-food eatery named Chick-fil-A. This chain is a popular eatery that comes with its signature chicken sandwiches, strips, and nuggets. Other dishes like salads and side dishes are also available to choose from.

Sarku Japan Belden Village Mall

Best Chinese mall food around.

Very well known for teriyaki chicken.

Great customer service, very friendly and the chicken and shrimp are amazing.

Address : 4230 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA

Chick-fil-A Belden Village Mall

Always a great place to eat, food is always consistent.

For fast food they have great chicken and great service.

They are very accomodating in reference to fixing an order different from the usual.

Address : 4228 Belden Village Mall, Canton, OH 44718, USA


Scrambler Marie's is one of the best recommendations for a hangout. This chain serves casual American breakfast and lunch fare, from French toast to burgers. This hangout becomes better with the company of comfortable room and nice setting space. Don’t forget try their popular dishes like omelettes and pancakes, they are scrumptious. For another recommendation, try Starbucks Coffee. Nothing is better than to have a conversation with the company of good coffee. Starbucks Coffee is the right place for it. The spacious space helps you create the best moment with your buddies.

Scrambler Marie's

This is a great place to have breakfast.

Pretty decent sized menu so you will be able to find something for everyone.

Food is very tasty made with fresh quality ingredients and a variety of menu options and sides to choose from.

The service is attentive and fast.

Address : Belden Village Mall 4345, Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA

Starbucks Coffee Belden Village Mall

Great team, great drinks, and of course a clean and well maintained store.

They have a nice sitting area where you can enjoy your tea and watch the shoppers run around.

Starbucks tastes amazing and the fact that they have the perfect amount of food and desserts is cool too.

Address : 4230 Belden Village St NW, Canton, OH 44718, USA