2REIS in Peru

KOCINA 2REIS es una propuesta de cocina artesanal y tradicional que conserva su forma original. Este emprendimiento familiar recoge las recetas que nos han acompañado en la mesa desde nuestra infancia. Recetas originales que llegaron de Italia para instalarse en el Brasil y, posteriormente, llevar descendencia hasta el Perú: los Perrotti, los Montagnolli, los dos Reis y los Herrera. Una unión de sangres, mezcla de costumbres y fusión gastronómica.

Wonderful family visit 2REIS is a restaurant that offers a great variety of food with very good dishes and really original drinks based on Pisco macerados. I have visited it with my family several times.

Homely food and atmosphere I ordered the tacu tacu and strawberry shake at recommendation. It was great. I was received warmly by the owners and treated excellently.

Great team, delicious food and cosy atmosphere I loved everything about this place, the authentic food, the cosy atmosphere, the personal attention from the staff and the relaxing view from the rooftop.

From the terrace of this old house in Breña, the city wakes up before us and shows us the panorama of a city that grew under different influences. Breña, a district with tradition, a place of plots and crops, was transformed into a place with a heart. The spirit of Creoleism lives in its streets and the boxes hit the machines of the industries that were born here. Decimists create with their verses an atmosphere built of words full of color and flavor. It is in the middle of these streets, in this grandfather's house, where Dos Reis opens its doors to receive you and offer you a welcoming and intimate space. Next to the clay oven, accompanied by its fire, you can enjoy the recipes that keep a whole family tradition. Fusion Italo, Brazilian, Peruvian. Craft cooking pizzas, stuffed breads, pastas and Peruvian dishes at KASA 2REIS. Options: Vegan and vegetarian.


Address Jiron Napo 216, Brena Altura de la cuadra 13 de la Av Venezuela, Lima 15082 Peru

Phone +51 986 618 362

Website http://www.facebook.com/DOS2REIS/

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