Achapa in Brazil


Amazing American-style breakfast If you are looking for an American-style breakfast in Sao Paulo, this is where you should go! Prices are quite reasonable and the variety of food and drinks are great.

There are places in Sao Paulo that are considered to be part of the city history. Achapa is known as one of first places to serve burgers in town.From the beginning in 1967 until this date, the 100% lean beef burgers are manually hand scooped, and pressed one at a time. The tradition of grilling the burgers in front of the customers, on demand and accordingly to the customers needs is kept. As well as the secret recipe for our renowned mayonnaise. And we are glad to inform that we are now offering an american breakfast menu specially prepared for the brazilian taste.


Address Rua Heitor Peixoto 478 Aclimação, Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo 01543-001 Brazil

Phone +55 11 3277-6866


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