Ari's Burguer in Peru

Chicharron de lagarto, ceviche de paiche, ensalada de palmito, cecina a la loretana

Awesome place The place is amazing and the food is very delicious, I definitely recommend. It’s alza located at the plaza and it’s a great way to start your vacation ( with some good food). I give it 5 stars.

I’ve cream!! We needed ice cream for a break. Great little place Opens to the main square. Very clean. Local hangout.

English Menu, decent food, great Icecream & fantastic exchange rate. The menu was in English, so we finally knew what we were ordering. Food is just about ok, but the Icecream and beverages are very good.



Address Jiron Prospero 127 Plaza de Armas, Iquitos 16000 Peru

Phone +51 65 231470


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