Audain Art Museum in Canada

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Alta + Audain Alta + Audain was a lovely experience. A private tour of the permanent collection followed by fine dining in a beautiful and unique setting. The tour was informative and interesting, and the art beautiful.

Alta Bistro/Audain Dining Experience I recently visited the Audain for their Friday Summer outdoor dining experience. After a tour of the museum we were escorted to our table, beautifully set, by the meadow behind the museum.

Audain tour and Alta Bistro meal was well worth it We attended the Audain Museum/Alta Bistro tour and dinner on August 14th. It was our first time visiting this wonderful museum.

Experience the art of British Columbia, from the traditional works of the province's First Peoples through to its contemporary masters, in one of Canada's most treasured wilderness destinations. Admission is always free for children 18 and younger.


Address 4350 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, British Columbia V8E 1N3 Canada

Phone +1 604-962-0413


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