Ballestas Islands in Peru


Bucket list! If you are into wildlife in a beautiful natural habitat, you will have found the right place This is another one of those, "...we did not have this on our Bucket List, but we would have if we had know about it in...

Wildlife & Nazca Lines (?) The approx 2 hours on the tour boat is worth the time spent. Great close up of all sorts of wildlife***including sea lions, diffrent tpes of birds and penguins too.

Bucket List Be sure not to miss taking a boat to Ballestas Islands while in Paracas. To be able to see all the birds, sea lions and penguins in their natural habitat was a unique experience.

These islands are known for their many caves and arches that serve as shelter to more than 1500 species of marine birds and a large number of sea lions.


Address Paracas National Reserve, Pisco Peru

Phone +51 1 7177500


Maps 57R57J63+XR Open Maps

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