Bandiagara Cliffs (Dogon Country) in Mali

La plupart des maison de Songho sont faites de banco.

Amazing absolutely amazing site. Well worth the long trip to visit. spend time up inside the old buildings and enjoy a marvelous view.

One of the most exciting places on our planet! It's been 10 years since our visit there & given the recent unrest one would need to check on personal safety issues before planning a trip there! But--assuming safety/stability in the...

Incredible experience Rent a guide with a motorbike from Mopti and spend 2 days out here. You can do it in one day but it would be a lot of riding.

The 150-kilometer-long sandstone escarpment has served as home to the Dogon people, believed to be one of the oldest surviving African cultures.


Address Bandiagara plateau, Mopti Mali

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