Begijnhof in Netherlands

Begijnenhof Begijnenhof is good to visit when wandering through Amsterdam. It is hidden in the center of the capital. Its an interesting piece of history and the houses are just beautiful. Typically dutch.

worth walking through and lingering in The residents want privacy, so now you can't walk all of the sidewalks, but it's still a special little neighborhood with 2 very old buildings. Free to walk in.

Hidden just off the main shopping syreet Peaceful serene Square hidden just off the main shopping street. A beautiful photogenic collection of typical Amsterdam homes, a real mixture around a green rather than up against a canal. .

Tucked away just off Spui, this delightful collection of houses arranged around an open court is well worth searching out.


Address Gedempte Begijnensloot, 1012 RM Amsterdam The Netherlands

Phone +31 20 622 1918


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