Bibi Khanym Mosque in Uzbekistan


Historical Mosque One of the important monuments in Samarkand which was built by Amir Timur (Tamerlane) as a tribute to his wife. It is the largest mosque in the 15th century in the Islamic world.

Not to be missed.....if you’ve made it this far Breath taking. Recognize that, like all the other historic buildings in Samarkand, the mosque has been rebuilt from near-rubble, with little of the original structure remaining.

Bibi Khanym Mosque One of the most brilliant specimens of medieval architecture of Samarkand. Construction of this mosque began in 1399. It was the largest mosque in Central Asia. Which accomodated 10000 pilgrims.

Built between 1399 and 1404, this was one of the Islamic world's biggest mosques which crumbled for centuries before collapsing in an 1897 earthquake.


Address Guzarskiy Lane, Samarkand 140164 Uzbekistan

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