Breakout Games - Dayton in United States

Breakout Games - Dayton

Great Birthday event We completed Undercover Alley, for my daughter's 25th birthday. Although it was challenging it was definitely doable. We even received a discount and she got a special gift to take with her.

Birthday/ Mystery Mansion Our family had a great time even though we did not escape.Our guide kortni was awesome. Thanks for watching over us. lol.

First time for most My husband and I have done several escape rooms, but this was our groups first time doing a room.

This isn’t your average outing or everyday experience—Breakout is for those who would rather solve mysteries than watch someone else have all the fun. With different rooms that follow unique story-lines, you and your friends will have 60 minutes to escape your adventure of choice by cracking codes, solving puzzles and following clues. Part problem solving, part adrenaline, end-to-end fun!


Address 8120 Washington Village Dr, Centerville, Washington Township, OH 45458-1848

Phone +1 937-401-8739


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