Calico Ghost Town in United States

The school (reconstructed)

Fun place We had a great time walking through the town. There are places to climb and great views. Admission is reasonable. Sarsaparilla is good. There was a staged gunfight on the street.

Ye Old West-Gettin' Ur Gold Light-hearted pleasurable experience that a one-time visit can satisfy. Calico appears to be free yet, it costs quite some gold to enjoy in its entirety.

Really enjoyed it!!! It’s quite a walk though. As the title says, it was quite the walk but this place was pretty darn cool! This was a planned stop on the way from Las Vegas to Hollywood and I am glad we stopped.

Visitors from around the world come to Calico each year to experience a real ghost town originally settled in the 1880s.A hive of activity for the adventurous at heart - the park hosts the Mystery Shack- a crooked house where water runs uphill, two museums, narrow-gauge train rides and gold panning.Calico was founded during California’s largest silver strike. The town thrived for 12 years, until the price of silver plunged and mining operations ceased. By 1907, residents had moved away, leaving Calico to the tumbleweeds and spirits.Amenities include group and RV camping, mountain bike trails and off-road vehicle areas, fourteen shops, three restaurants, cabins and bunkhouses. Special events are held year-round, including Civil War re-enactments in February, Spring Festival featuring Americana music, the Calico Days Festival when the town’s rich mining history is celebrated with a burro race, miner’s triathlon, music and more, and let’s not overlook the ever-popular Halloween Ghost Haunt in October. The desert park is just a few miles north of Barstow, and minutes offInterstate 15. Calico Ghost Town is a great place to get a bite to eat and do a little shopping if you’re traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.


Address 36600 Ghost Town Rd, Yermo, CA 92398-0406

Phone +1 760-254-2122


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