Cantalloc Aqueduct in Peru

Un puit circulaire

Interesting history went as part of a multi-stop tour and it was coo to see for a bit and get some background. the areas only green is at the aqueducts and along the canals that connect them which is cool to see!.

Great visit This is a bit off the beaten track but well worth a visit. Guided tours are available or you can just wander the site as it's not very big. The ingenuity of the aquaducts is amazing and definitely worth a visit. .

Interesting but what exactly is it? The site itself is cool and make you wonder how this was build and how exactly it was used. But that's the part you will miss.

An ingenious system of stone aqueducts built by the people of Nasca in ancients times is still functioning and used by local farmers for irrigation.


Address Carretera Puquio-Cusco, Nazca Peru

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