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show de salsa en Cali Colombia delirio Salsa Circo y Orquesta

Outside the City, but well worth the time Delirio can best be described as a Cirque de Soleil set to salsa. The show celebrates the culture of Cali, but the exact program changes periodically.

Salsa meets the Big Top This show changes periodically so while every performance is unique, the whole performance is renewed every so often (don't remember whether it was monthly or every trimester).

Amazing salsa show The whole experience is amazing. We would rate this as a must-do in Cali. Music is good. Atmosphere is festive. The professional salsa dancers are very good. The choreographies and scenery are spectacular.

Delirio, the best salsa show made in Cali for Colombia and the rest of the world, bases its performance on Cali's popular culture for everyone to experience. In these years we have presented, with our successful equation: Salsa show, circus, orchestra and audience, eleven performances in unique and unforgettable scenes, product of a rigorous collective work of the artistic collective and produced by the Delirio Foundation.


Address Carrera 26 12 328 Industrial Zone Yumbo, Cali 760042 Colombia

Phone +57 310 3726591


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