Dique de Tororo in Brazil


"Orixás" (African deities) On our guided tour we stopped at the Dique do Tororó lagoon which contains eight sculptures representing important deities of cult in "Candomblé".

Nice park in front of the Soccer Stadium Nice relaxing little park close to the stadium. We went to see the stadium during the day and noticed this little pond bordered by gardens.

A monument honoring Brazil's African heritage in downtown Salvador! The old dam - "Dique do Tororó" - dates from the 17th century and was built for defense purposes in the colonial years.

This rejuvenated and picturesque area provides park and lake activities for locals and tourists alike.


Address Av. Vasco da Gama. S/N0 Tororó, Salvador, State of Bahia 40050-115 Brazil

Website http://www.salvador.ba.gov.br

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