Domus Aurea in Italy

Via della Domus Aurea

Time travel to ancient Rome We were in Rome 10 years ago and I don't think they even had tours back then, so I wanted to finally see this. Buy your tickets online in advance, they only tour on weekends in small groups.

The best thing I did in Rome This was without a doubt one of my top two experiences in Rome. First off, to find the entrance, use the CoopCulture website (where you book the tickets) and go to the map.

Hard to find the entrance but SO worth it Basically it is an underground tour of a palace that is still being uncovered. It is ONLY available on Saturday and Sunday.

The imperial estate of Nero was built in 64AD, which is comprised of a series of pavilions, set in an articulated garden with an artificial lake in its center.


Address Via della Domus Aurea, 1, 00184 Rome Italy

Phone +39 06 3974 9907


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