Double Barreled Cannon in United States

My best shot of the cannon with the city hall in the back ground!

It's Truly Unique Sits outside City hall ready to defend against the next northern aggression. It was a brilliant idea--firing 2 projectiles from the machine at once-- that failed in its execution.

A unique relic in the heart of it all Near downtown Athens one can find on the grounds of City Hall one of the oddest artifacts of War Between the States ordinance history: the double-barreled cannon.

A fun piece of history but nothing more I personally love the double-barrel cannon because I love imagining the soldiers being so disappointed when it failed so spectacularly, but that is just me.

This gun was designed during the Civil War and is the only double barrel cannon of its kind.


Address 301 College Ave In front of City Hall, Athens, GA 30601-2715

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