Dream Garden Glass Mosaic in United States

Dream Garden

Tiffany Glass Absolutely astounding and only takes a couple of minutes to see it. A hidden treasure inside the Curtis building's (former home of the Saturday Evening Post magazine) lobby .

Beautiful This is amazing. We just sat in the coolness of the Curtis centre and stared at him. It is truly a remarkable piece that the people in Philadelphia did not want to lose.

A million pieces of art In the late 1800s, artist Maxfield Parrish was commissioned by the Pulitzer Prize winning writer and editor of Ladies Home Journal, Edward Bok (famed also for Bok Tower Gardens, in Lake Wales, Florida), to...



Address 601 Walnut St # 45 in the Curtis Building, Philadelphia, PA 19106-3323

Phone +1 732-604-3444

Website http://www.ushistory.org/tour/dream-garden.htm

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