East Iceland Heritage Museum (Minjasafn Austurlands) in Iceland

The East Iceland Heritage Museum

Great museum! Definitely a great place to stop. Detailed information on the self sufficiency and skills needed to survive in Iceland.

Wonderful little museum Definitely worth a stop. If you have been looking at the forbidding terrain and the sometimes desolate scenery and wondering" how did people survive here 75 years ago?" This museum is for you.

Awesome little museum This turned out to be a highlight for us on our visit. It shows so much information about the life of the people of Iceland that would be easy to skip or miss when touring the country.

The East Iceland Heritage Museum was founded in 1943 and since then its aims has been to preserve the history of East Iceland by collecting and preserving things that reflect the society, culture and everyday life of people in the area. The museum has two permanent exhibitions, one about the reindeer in East Iceland and one about the old rural household in the region. The focus of the reindeer exhibition is on the nature, characteristics and survival of the reindeer's as well as hunting and how reindeer products have contributed to a creative development of fashion design and handcraft. In the other exhibition, items that belong to the history of the old rural community in east Iceland as it was until the mid-20th century are on display. Most of the items relate to their practical role in everyday life while other objects bear witness to that life was not only about basic survival but also about making beautiful things for decoration and pleasure. The museum also has diverse temporary exhibitions through the year.


Address Laufskogar 1, Egilsstadir 700 Iceland

Phone +354 471 1412

Website http://www.minjasafn.is/english

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