Edo-Tokyo Museum in Japan


So much to see - Edo period brought to life! Museum in a bit strange modern building turned out to be one of the highlights of our Tokyo visit. It houses several life size models of Edo period bridges, houses, ships, etc.

Loved it Loved it as we have learned history & hands on stuff interesting to see samurai life& after war period buildings Upstairs we had lunch ,it was yum &quite & spacious ,good for my little child

Edo-Tokyo Museum If you enjoy history of any kind, especially that of ancient cities, this museum would be right up your alley.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum opened its doors in March 1993 as a space to reflect on the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo and envision the city and life of the future. Housed in a unique building modeled after an elevated-floor type warehouse, the museum has been a landmark and popular tourist attraction in Tokyo since its opening. The permanent exhibition, showcasing original objects and replicas, offers visitors a journey through the 400-year history of Edo-Tokyo since Tokugawa Ieyasu entered Edo. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum holds special exhibitions at the first floor gallery five to six times a year and carries out various other events, including lectures and workshops on the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo.


Address 1-4-1 Yokoami, Sumida 130-0015 Tokyo Prefecture

Phone +81 3-3626-9974

Website http://www.edo-tokyo-museum.or.jp/

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