Eglise Saint-Etienne-du-Mont de Paris in France

Eglise Saint-Etienne 5

Wonderful church, wonderful architecture Eglise Saint-Etienne-du-Mont de Paris includes a variety of architectural styles, incorporated over its many years of construction.

Unusual Style of architecture Looking at this structure, it looks like a hotch-potch, of architecture styles, started out as gothic, however taking so long to build it took on renaissance styles as well.

Beautiful Church! Beautiful Church! Definitely worth the trip! ♥️ the vibe is calm, there wasnt too many visitor when i came there, which is great!

This 16th-century cathedral is a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture.


Address 6 Place Sainte Genevieve, 75005 Paris France

Phone +33 1 43 54 11 79


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