El Parian in Mexico


Group of Restaurants El Parian just seems to be the blanket name for a group of restaurants just off the pedestrian walkway in Tlaquepaque. Our group picked Paco's to get the clay bowl fruit and tequila drink.

Great salsa!!! Even though I enjoyed my meal,the food was great, but I LOVED the salsa!!! Ended up spoiling my appetite on chips and salsa before the food even came!!! My wife ordered a cheese dip of some sort.

Worth it for a tourist! We chose Bar Betos, but we chose it mostly because the menus all looked fairly similar and we ended up asking questions to a waiter outside this one restaurant.



Address Calle Rio Juarez, Tlaquepaque 45500 Mexico

Phone +52 33 3696 0488

Website https://www.facebook.com/ElParianDeTlaquepaque/

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