Escape Cocoa Beach in United States

Dusk at ECB

Barely escaped the space room Book club outing . Escaped with a few minutes to go! This room had mostly combination locks on top of combination locks. Enjoyed the Black Dahlia Room a little more. Fun to accomplish. .

So Fun! This was so fun. Looking for a family game night this is it. If you have not tried Escape Cocoa Beach you are missing out on lots of fun. The staff is really great and helpful if you have never done this before.

Are you a Rocket Science??? So much fun!! Staff is friendly and the rooms are really engaging and make you think outside the box. We LOVED it!!! We will be back for sure!!.

You've been wrongfully accused of a crime and are being held in a small-town Sheriff's office. You must find your way to freedom, while also retrieving the evidence the Sheriff holds against you. He plans to take you in front of the judge and prosecutor after his lunch break, so you only have one hour... This is just one of the exciting challenge scenarios you can take on at Escape Cocoa Beach. Step into one of our four themed rooms, learn the backstory for your challenge, and work quickly to solve it. Our real-life adventure games allow you and your friends to combine wits to complete a common challenge. You'll use your individual talents to help the team, and you'll need to do it quickly -- you only have 60 minutes!


Address 5675 N Atlantic Ave No. 113, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931-3988

Phone +1 321-373-2627


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