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Team work makes the dream work! Escape The Space is all about togetherness!

14th birthday party My son and 6 of his friends had a blast last weekend celebrating his 14th birthday. Everything was organized and fun for the boys. They loved playing the games as they waited and ate pizza and cake.

Awesome Fun! I think I've done 6-7 escape rooms at Escape the Space. I've gone with as few as three people or with a large group that rented the entire facility.

Way fun! Top notch escape rooms! Your adventure begins when you park your car and a staff member comes out to cheerfully greet you.

We Are ATHENS' ORIGINAL LIVE ESCAPE ROOM COMPANY! ESCAPE ROOM GAMES (IS-KAP ROOM GAMES) N. A PHYSICAL ADVENTURE GAME IN WHICH PEOPLE ARE LOCKED IN A ROOM WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS AND HAVE TO FIND CLUES, USE ELEMENTS OF THE ROOM TO SOLVE A SERIES OF PUZZLES, AND ESCAPE THE SPACE WITHIN A SET TIME LIMIT OF ONE HOUR. TEAM BUILDING ​We all need an opportunity to engage those around us, sparking imaginations, & accomplishing something special alongside others. #ForgetTrustFalls Special events Birthdays, entertaining the family, date nights, evenings out, bachelor & bachelorette parties, escape room enthusiasts... #GroupStrong Group fun Have you noticed this growing trend of people stuck looking down at their phones or tablets,? Don't fear! We believe we have finaly found the cure. #NoPhone GAMERS Did you know that gamers, and puzzlers, are among the smartest in the world? If you think this to be inaccurate, we highly encourage you to ask a gamer.​ #PowerUp


Address 540 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, GA 30606-2506

Phone +1 706-389-5931


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