Espacio Ciencia in Uruguay

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A science museum, good for the locals, but you can probably skip it It is just another science museum. When I travel with my kids I like to visit science museums, but this one does not offer anything particular.

“Espacio Ciencia” is the interactive science centre of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU). Being a center for education-recreation and diffusion of science and technology, it allows any visitor, from a kindergarten child to an adult, to become an actor in a great technological adventure. Participation is the central axis of the proposal; imagination, creativity and critical spirit are fostered. We believe in training as a means of learning, in the understanding that experimentation is one of the best ways of acquiring knowledge. The tour enables to introduce or reaffirm scientific and technological concepts and principles within a novel environment with strategies different from the traditional ones. This informal environment not only awakes the visitor’s interest, but it also provides the possibility of making a decision, manipulating and acting.


Address Bolonia 2280 between Av. Italia and María Luisa Saldun, Montevideo 11500 Uruguay

Phone +598 2601 3724 int. 1170


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