Focaccerie Genovesi in Italy

Focaccia con verdure freschissime

The real Focaccia Genovese Not only Focaccia but also the best Farinata in Milan, and maybe, in Genoa. Gregorio is very nice and while you wait he gives you a few minutes of fun!.

Great Focaccia! I had the Parma and the Parmegiano focaccia and both were fresh and melted in my mouth. It’s near the Central Station and for me the best start when you arrive hungry in Milan!.

Nice snack on the go The food is warmed up before served and taste delicious and fresh. There is no tables inside, but we found few benches just around the corner. Service is very nice and food made very fast.

For over 30 years Focaccerie Genovesi is the establishment of the focaccia in Milan. Created by Gregory & C many years ago with the idea of bringing the flavors of Liguria in Milan. In many years of activity many products have been added, but the best-of-brand Focaccerie Genovesi remain "gruel" "focaccia with stracchino" "focaccia simple." The stores in Milan: Via Plinio 5 gestista by Gigi Via Santa Croce one managed by the founder Gregory A take-away menu at lunch, as a snack or for dinner good and rich. Simple focaccia, with olives and onions. Porridge Ceci (the original) Focaccia at Stracchino Pizza (but try) Also a lot of products of the earth Ligure like homemade pasta, olive oil, olives, pesto and walnut sauce. At Focaccerie Genovesi what you will find is certainly the courtesy, the joy and the desire to cook. Good appetite at all:-)


Address Via Plinio 5, 20129 Milan Italy

Phone +39 02 201680


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