Garibaldi Peru-Mex in United States

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More or less like Mexican food ?? plz don’t kill me :P Yup, I heard and read the reviews and decided to go to this Peruvian restaurant. It was just like next door neighborhood restaurant, nothing fancy.

Great pork tacos I tried Garibaldi for take out after reading about it on I couldn't decide between the Tacos Pastor and the Tacos Carnitas and the kind proprietor offered to split my order so I could try both.

family-friendly restaurant with Latin food I am not sure what is the relation between Garibaldi and Peru or Mexico, but I can testify that the Garibaldi restaurant in New Jersey is a nice and family friendly place, with...



Address 107 US Highway 46, Parsippany, NJ 07054-2300

Phone +1 973-808-7028


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