Grottino 1313 in Switzerland

Grottino 1313

Loved the atmosphere! The atmosphere is great. The house must be a few centuries old (so for an American is a big wow element). The food (served in 5 courses) was very good. Our group had a great time.

Worth Persevering to Get To If you're staying on "the other side the tracks" near the train station, you're in for a short to moderate walk to get to Grottino 1313.

Worth finding I stayed near the train station and this place was a little hard to find but more than worth the effort.

Grottino1313 It’s amore at first sight! Welcome to Lucerne’s best-known insider tip. This is the place where Mediterranean joy of life, culinary skills and an incomparable atmosphere unite splendidly. This unique oasis for liberal-minded cosmopolitans and romantics-who-are-totally-in-love is situated in the heart of the ancient industrial district of Lucerne. Romantic candlelight and the unforgettable cozy ambience take you to a different world where you - easily forgetting time and space - can enjoy a charming piece of Italy. Our courteous staff members always keep an attentive eye on you. No matter if it’s the eatery with its wide fireplace and the open kitchen or the comfortable wine cellar, the Grottino1313 has everything you desire - except a menu card. You won’t need one because our great guys in the kitchen pamper you every day with a new surprise menu: two courses at lunchtime and three courses in the evening. And of course, every menu has its vegetarian alternative.


Address Industriestrasse 7, Lucerne 6005 Switzerland

Phone +41 41 610 13 13


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