Harajuku Crepe in United States


Another side of desserting Japanese black sesame ice cream, banana, and jam dessert crêpe nightcaps... how can one go wrong with a sublime blend of Japanese and French? Insert stop motion crepe making below 😉

Harajuku Crepe is a special place. It's where people of God come to Pray and relax! Love, Peace, Respect! Great place to travel and relax . Everyone can have a good time, even the children.

Interesting take on the crepe... These guys bring Japanese fusion to the world of crepes. Sweet and savory crepes are noting new, but there are some cool combinations here.

Organic crepes and drinks. Crepes are customizable from different crepe batters, fruits, cream, sauce, ice cream, and dry toppings. Try the California style Japanese crepes!!


Address 9405 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-4604

Phone +1 310-285-3946

Website http://www.harajukucrepe.us/

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