Hatahoe in United States


Dinner Cheeseburger combo — nothing great. Prepare patty thin, lettuce on it was brown, but the bun was toasted on the grill. French fries nothing special. Ranch dressing was homemade. Hoped for better from a small town diner.

First visit to Texas On our driving trip to Corpus Christi we stopped at Hatahoe in Anson Texas.We were looking for something different from all the regular chain restaurants.

Good Food I had their steak fingers and it was good and crunchy. Their cream gravy was also just the right consistency - not too runny or thick. The French fries were crispy on the outside and well done on in the inside.



Address 1831 Commercial Ave, Anson, TX 79501-5212

Phone +1 325-823-2320

Website http://www.restaurant.com/HatahoeFish&Chick

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