Hidden Garden Steps in United States

Hidden Garden Steps

Day Trip to San Fran 👍🏾 Went to the Botantic Garden and took a walk to the steps. Really was a good day. On the way to the steps there were several food options. I had Mexican food. .

Vibrant art installation I happened upon this set of stairs as part of the Crosstown trail, and was not aware that there was more than one set of tiled steps in San Francisco! Done by the same artists and using the same colourful...

Urban Oasis The Hidden Garden Steps are not a place you will happen upon. We took an Uber to enjoy this urban oasis. Very cool concept where residents create portions of the mosaic art and work with the city to make it happen.



Address 16th Avenue steps between Kirkham & Lawton, San Francisco, CA 94122-3525

Website http://hiddengardensteps.org/

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