Hopkins Wilderness Park in United States

Hopkins Wilderness Park

A GREAT PLACE TO VISIT A FEW MILES AWAY FROM THE BEACH First visit I’ve known of Hopkins Wilderness Park for over 30 years. I never been promoted to visit till today after breakfast from the Original Pancake House.

How is this place possible? Spent an extremely pleasant afternoon here on an October Saturday with my 10 year old son and a few Cub Scouts... Such a pleasant little wooded spot smack dab in the middle of residential and commercial...

Not What I Expected I was a little disappointed. I was expecting something more like a botanical garden. The park is 11 acres of mostly native plants. Although I walked most of the perimeter, the trails are not distinct.



Address 1102 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA 90277-4530

Website http://www.redondo.org/depts/public_works/parks/hopkins.asp

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