Hudson's Mill in United States

We are located in the Garner Industrial Center.

From Farm to Table To Fantastic I really love a restaurant that incorporates fresh local farms as well as breweries. Hudson Mills does this with flair.

One of the best in the area The food is amazing. The service is great. If you come here try the egg roll appetizer. I just had the tacos it was great. I highly recommend this place.

Executive Chef, Peter Muller, brings a fusion of Italian, Latin, Asian, and American cuisines to the menu to reflect our eclectic demographic in the community. We aresourcing local vendors, such as farms, distilleries, vineyards, and orchards to craft farm to table style food items. Our goal is to bring everything we know and love about food, warmth, and community to the people of North Rockland while maintaining the rich history of the space we are so very proud to reside in.


Address 55 W Railroad Ave, Garnerville, NY 10923-1261

Phone +1 845-429-5700


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