Igreja Sao Francisco De Assis in Brazil

Igreja de São Francisco de Assis - interior

Cool if you have a few spare hours This church is in a beautiful area of the city, in a nice park. The church itself is neat, simple but with cool artwork inside.

Very beautiful The church is fully open again and a lovely place to visit. Obviously the interest is architectural, and that doesn’t disappoint, but it’s in a lovely setting and has a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere.

Currently renovated It looks lovely but unfortunately it’s being renovated so impossible to go inside or take nice pics from outside. No indication of when the renovations will end.



Address Avenida Otacilio Negrao de Lima 3000 Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais 31310-082 Brazil

Phone +55(31) 3427-1644

Website http://www.belohorizonte.mg.gov.br/node/31084

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