Itchan Kala in Uzbekistan


The most iconic structure If you buy a comprehensive ticket, it will allow you not only to enter the castle, but you can climb up the stairs to a balcony which gives incredible views over the historical site of Khiva.

Historic Khiva Ichan Qala or Iternal Fortress of Khiva lies on the edge of desert and has a river canal to boost. Build on a rectangular plan [650x400m] has one gate on each side.

Itchan Kala or Ark Khiva is magnificent This old Ark of Khiva is survived better than Noble Bukhara or Samakent during invasions by Russian in the 1800's and Mongols, Arabas in centuries before... Recent renovations are great jobs...

The ancient town has many undamaged monuments such as the Djuma Mosque.


Address Khiva Uzbekistan

Phone 914224471


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