Kao Chi in Taiwan

Fish cooked with various method with soy sauce and spring onion. It is slightly spicy

Excellent food, reasonably priced Most people who eat soup dumplings (xiaolongbao) in Taiwan think that Din Tai Fung is the pinnacle--and while DTF does have outstanding dumplings, not many know that Kao Chi was the first...

Good Food, Decent Prices, No Wait Very good service, good food, and--best of all--no wait! Food's maybe not quite as good as that at Din Tai Fung, but the quick seating counts for a lot.

Only available breakfast on Lunar New Year Day The most impressive thing about this restaurant was that it opens in the morning of Lunar New Year Day. This place was the only one opened in the area.



Address No.1 Yongkang Street, Taipei 106 Taiwan

Phone +886 2 2341 9984

Website http://www.kao-chi.com/branch.asp

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