Kotam Ecotourism Destination in Vietnam

Kotam ngày nắng đẹp^^! Là một KDL mát mẻ, sạch đẹp, với nhiều loài hoa cây cối xanh mướt, không

Nice place to relax and look at some natural beauty I spent a few hours here, but could have stayed longer but was tired from traveling. Nice stop for some cool pictures.

Should to visit I return it third time, everything was the same, there is no to much changes. In my opinion, must be create more excited architec! The atmosphere was really nice and fresh!.

beauty of nature During Coffee Festival, I enjoyed the traditional food of Ede and Jaray highland ethnic culture. Very grateful for staff, who introduced me information about traditions and nature of Vietnamese Highland.



Address 789 Pham Van Dong, Tan Hoa Ward, Buon Ma Thuot Vietnam

Phone +84 500 3823 959

Website http://kotam.vn

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