Lenin's Mausoleum in Russia


I'm glad I've been to this place. In 2019, I was lucky enough to be in this place, a big minus can be called a long wait in the queue.

Surreal and cool at the same time My husband and I read a lot of reviews before coming here and we were ready for a long wait but luckily we visited in February and when we arrived at 10:30 AM, we were positively surprised about...

Very quiet this time of year We actually had young children so decided to visit separately (That's how small the queue was) whilst the other half waited. It's free to enter you just have a back check upon entry.

The embalmed body - or possibly a wax likeness - of this notorious 20th-century Russian leader is viewable inside this large stone mausoleum, where a certain decorum for visitors is strictly enforced.


Address Red Square, Moscow 613310 Russia

Phone +7 925 298-18-66

Website http://lenin.ru/index_e.htm

Maps 9G7VQJ2F+VC Open Maps

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