Little Richards House of Donuts in United States

Front of store

When in Westport during the summer months--Little Richards is worth the visit! Recently we were at the beach--we always try to stop and buy a donut or three when we go to Westport.

If you can catch them when open, BEST donuts period! A friend of mine grabbed a few donuts for me while I was out fishing; a maple bar & glazed knot, and both were so good I almost ate both (they are HUGE) in one sitting.

Delicous donuts get the old fashioned glazed crumblies. absolutely perfect.A wide selection, the only downside is they tend to sell out early. so get there early or you may go without.



Address 2557 Westhaven Dr, Westport, WA 98595-9600

Phone +1 360-268-9733


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