Made in Sud Pizzeria Restaurant in France

Margherita con Bufala

Best Pizza and Pasta The best restaurant in Nice for Pasta and Pizza i like it.Pizza and Pasta like in napoli 100% cant find better than made in sud ??.

Best pizza ever I am an ITALIAN guy living in NICE , I can tell for sure this is the best pizza restaurant in Town 100% napolitain.

Best. Pizza. Ever. We love pizza and have eaten it a lot in Italy, including Naples, but this was the best ever! And indeed the family who run it are from Naples.

Made in Sud is born in 2014, as a small family pizzeria from Neapolitan veraciums located in the harbor district of Nice, in our pizzas we put our knowledge on the pizza that we passed down from generation to generation. We put so much love and passion. il nostro motto "the pizza that I will light tomorrow will be better"


Address 17 boulevard Stalingrad Port virage boulevard frank pilate, 06300 Nice France

Phone +33 4 83 55 82 31


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