Maurice's Piggie Park Bbq in United States

Excellent smoked flavor The smoked brisket and ribs are excellent with a very rich smoke flavor. I put sauce on all BBQ, but no sauce on this! The smoke flavor is too good. I'm not a fan of the Carolina Gold pork BBQ.

Had Supper Here Twice The title should say it all. My daughter had the barbecue plate and I stayed with the sandwiches. We both also had coleslaw and banana pudding. While the banana pudding was great, the slaw wasn't.

Not what we expected Sides were good, but the BBQ sandwich and brisket left a lot to be desired. For what we got, the prices were way off compared to other top drawer BBQ locations we've dined at.

Real BBQ, Cooked on our Hickory Wood-Fired Pits for 24 Hours!We cook our BBQ the old fashioned way, over hickory coals for 24 hours to optimize that smoky flavor with no preservatives or chemicals! Taste our Ribs, Chicken, & Brisket, and one of the Best Burgers in Columbia! Family Owned and Operated since 1953.


Address 1010 S Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29073-3720

Phone +1 803-356-1909


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